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Creative writing activity worksheets

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Assess the effects of mass media on popular culture. Extracts from this document. Assess the effect of creative writing worksheets, mass media on popular culture Popular culture is defined as social and cultural products that are there as a form of entertainment and for use by write dissertation 3, the mass culture, and are commonly short lived and acknowledged to hold little artistic value, such as movies or pop music. Alternatively, high culture is something that is considered unique, and different to everyday life. It is usually aimed at the upper and middle class, and is commonly approved of by the intellectual elite. Furthermore it usually takes place in creative writing worksheets environments that are significant in yessayan author high class culture, such as the theatre. There are several different arguments as to how the creative worksheets, mass media has affected popular culture, for example Marxists argue that popular culture is the bourgeoisie's way of dumbing down the proletariat, and author thus controlling them. By promoting the false ideologies that popular culture bases itself off, such as owning an iPod, the proletariat are distracted from the poor working conditions and the exploitation that they are facing. Furthermore, Marxists also argue that the creative activity, working class experience false class consciousness, meaning that they have come to believe that the capitalist system is a fair one that can benefits everyone equally, because the lower class are also able to obtain these false needs. . read more. However, postmodernists argue that the distinction between high culture and save popular culture has now become blurred, due to the effects of creative worksheets, globalisation, which they argue is beneficial due to pakistan, it being primarily responsible for the diffusing of different lifestyles and creative writing activity worksheets cultures around the world, which in turn has created global hybrid styles un fashion, music etc. They argue that due to author, the advancement in technologies such as social networking, any culture is creative writing activity, now available to anyone.

People no longer need to visit special places to access high culture, for example people can now download classic books for free, or purchase Arthouse films on DVD. It is debated that in the postmodernist global world pluralism and cultural diversity will eventually become the yessayan, global norm. Creative Writing? This shows that the mass media is in of research proposals in education fact creating hybrid cultures, so it can be argued that in the near future pure popular culture may not even exist, instead it may form a hybrid with high culture, which more people will be able to creative writing activity worksheets, relate to. Additionally, postmodernists also argue that the global media culture has increased consumer choice. . read more. Kellner (1999) claims that the pakistan, global media culture is all about sameness, and the individuality of some cultures is creative activity, erased in the process. However, post modernists disagree with this approach, they claim that the global media if s benefit for both developed and undeveloped societies because it offers wide range of choices and opportunities. They also argue that smaller cultures are not swallowed up by the global media, rather they adapt to multi, it.

For example Bollywood films are produced by local film industry that is organised around both Hollywood and Indian entertainment values. This suggests that the global media culture does not change cultures for the worst, but instead they adapt to modern techniques so that they may express their values using modern technologies. In conclusion, it is clear that the mass media does have an effect on activity worksheets popular cultures; however it can be argued that they are not changed for the better. Instead local cultures are engulfed by write, Western (American) values, and in turn, eventually forget their own. Alfie West 10th September 2011 . read more. This student written piece of work is one of creative, many that can be found in our AS and A Level Media section.

Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month. Join over 1.2 million students every month Accelerate your learning by 29% Unlimited access from just £6.99 per month. Related AS and A Level Media essays. Explain and lang coursework briefly evaluate why high culture is seen as superior to low culture. For example, British and American pop music is everywhere. American and Indian films are popular internationally. Thus, there is no high culture or low culture. This is because Popular Culture theorists emphasise that the Audience is Active Mass and Low culture are both concepts that are based on creative activity worksheets the idea of a passive audience. Moral Panic and media folk devils. For instance, bank managers saw the programme's treatment of the examples of research, 1977 budget in the very different light from a group of shop stewards. * The Cultural Approach. This approach derives from the creative writing, audience selection approach, but sees the influence of the media as being more powerful, over a long time, amp;quot;Any sociological explanation of the influence of the mass media needs to take into . This clearly suggests that it takes into consideration the social position of the audience in its society.

The Medium Theory suggests that it is the 'symbolic environment of any communicative act.' Media impact individuals and society. McLuhan's thesis (or the medium theory) Marxist theory, and in particular its use in paragraph media analysis, is outmoded in writing activity worksheets a . Examples Of Research Proposals In Education? Ian Nicholls Page 3 Ideologies disseminated within actual 'editorial' are apparent: representation of groups in society, political opinions, and news selection are all things which can be analyzed in a Marxist way. For example, the Glasgow Media Group - a group of media studies academics at Glasgow University - have. amp;quot;Does the Mass Media Influence Youth Culture?amp;quot; 3 . . . Activity? Methodology In order to answer the raffi author, question Does the mass media influence youth culture? it is necessary for me to conduct a series of surveys concerning the mass media within the culture I am studying, to creative writing activity worksheets, gather evidence that is research on water, vital for creative writing activity worksheets, me to prove - or indeed disprove - my hypotheses. pain [No pain], no pain [No pain] No gain [No gain] There was an research old lady sittin' under a tree She called me over and she said to me My days left here may not be long I wouldn't waste my time tellin' you nothin' wrong But love is a. Activity? Assess the postmodernist views of the mass media. More importantly, PM ignore concerns over examples proposals in education, concentration of media ownership and ideological function hyper-reality may perform. Marxists suggest the RC may create the hyper-reality to reinforce their ideology, whereas Feminists suggest some aspects of activity worksheets, hyper-reality, particularly games like GTA, reinforce patriarchy and misogyny. How Media, Advertising and english lit and lang coursework Celebrity Culture Affects Female Body Image. and asked to choose one representing her perception of her own body size and one representing her ideal body size.

Out of writing, 25 of on water, my female college peers asked to creative writing activity worksheets, choose out of the nine silhouettes on the scale, many appeared to exaggerate their perception of their own body shape. of student written work Annotated by. experienced teachers Ideas and feedback to. improve your own work. Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of multi paragraph essay, The Student Room Group Ltd. TurnItIn the anti-plagiarism experts are also used by: Want to read the rest? Sign up to view the whole essay and download the PDF for anytime access on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month. Looking for expert help with your Sociology work?

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How 5 mayors tackled homelessness. Five of San Francisco's mayors discuss their attempts to solve the homelessness problem while in office. A response that goes ‘Beyond Shelter’ When I became mayor in 1988, existing government policy for homelessness consisted of the “American disaster model” employed in natural disasters like floods and tornadoes. Cities opened armories and served coffee and doughnuts in what was expected to be temporary relief. Afterward, the homeless “victims” would resume their lives. My administration recognized that the writing, homelessness created by disasters like drug abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, alcoholism, runaway children, unemployment or low wages required a different approach than homelessness created by floods and hurricanes. In 1989, San Francisco homeless advocates, religious leaders, nonprofit and social service staff gathered to invent a first-of-a-kind plan. Examples Of Research Proposals In Education! That plan, “Beyond Shelter,” is creative activity worksheets a solution but not a fast solution — there are no fast solutions. Sadly, we, the politicians and the public, have lacked the examples of research, conviction and commitment to creative writing realize success in solving homelessness.

“Beyond Shelter” was developed to write 3 deal with the writing activity, aftershocks of national political and economic decisions that put hundreds of homeless people on save essay city streets. Nov. 24, 1988 Mayor Art Agnos (center) dishes up mixed vegetables for the needy at St. Anthony’s annual Thanksgiving dinner. Writing Activity Worksheets! Photo: Chronicle Archive. The Reagan administration had cut the examples proposals, U.S. Department of creative writing activity, Housing and Urban Development’s budget from $32 billion to english lit and coursework $8 billion for affordable housing — as well as minimum financial assistance such as Supplemental Security Income. The combined effect was terrible. Then, just as “Beyond Shelter” got under way, the Loma Prieta earthquake hit on Oct. Activity Worksheets! 17, 1989, and the city faced a new homeless crisis. Devastation in the Marina neighborhood suddenly forced residents from their homes.

Emergency shelter and services were quickly put in place by national agencies. Not as much attention was paid to more than a thousand formerly homeless people living in the South of Market single-room-occupancy hotels made homeless again. The Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agency offered immediate housing aid to homeowners and renters, but denied the same housing aid to those who had been living on public assistance in SRO hotels. I demanded, received and of research in education, shared with other badly damaged cities, donated earthquake funds totaling more than $30 million, which was surreptitiously taken from the writing worksheets, city by the Red Cross and deposited in examples of research proposals in education, its Washington, D.C., accounts. “Beyond Shelter” was inaugurated with San Francisco’s share with the creative activity worksheets, opening of two centers totaling 480 beds. These facilities initially were modeled after the research paper, magnificent Delancey Street Foundation, a successful program that never compromises with the highest standards of quality and design. The homeless in creative worksheets, the Civic Center encampment, which I had allowed to exist in the months between the earthquake and the opening of the centers nine months later, were peacefully moved to the multiservice centers with priority for paragraph, placement in the new “Beyond Shelter” programs. At the multiservice centers, social service and health professionals would evaluate each new arrival to determine what services he or she needed to recover a productive life. Compassion and aggressiveness were balanced in a case management system designed to help homeless people recover by, first, housing them and then linking them with appropriate services.

“Beyond Shelter” had three levels of service: MultiService Centers (think today’s Navigation Centers) accepted individuals and families — with pets — for a diagnostic stay to identify the conditions responsible for their homeless “disaster.” A part of this was the McMillan Emergency Drop-in Center, where individuals could crash — with no questions asked or be brought there in “Mobile Assistance Patrol” vans, always on creative writing activity worksheets standby for that purpose. Once they were diagnosed, the paragraph essay persuasive, homeless entered the appropriate transitional housing with supportive services matching their evaluation. Some might need a short stay — others a longer one. Permanent housing — the ultimate goal of the program. “Beyond Shelter” had two essential assets: — A Community Housing Partnership to develop, maintain and employ homeless people in their housing. Creative Writing Activity! Today, this agency houses and supports more than 1,000 formerly homeless people. Write Dissertation 3! Jeff Kositsky, former director of Community Housing Partnership, was just named as the activity, leader of the author, new San Francisco Department of writing, Homelessness and a level english lit and, Supportive Housing. — A “modified payment” program to stabilize existing SRO housing by worksheets guaranteeing rent payments to landlords in exchange for rent discounts. This helped secure the existing housing stock as well as complement the longer-term commitment to nonprofit housing development.

The final, and more controversial, element called for severely troubled homeless individuals who acted out in socially unacceptable or uncivilized ways to be sent by court order to a “rehabilitation farm” for treatment. The cost estimates to build out “Beyond Shelter” were about $125 million in today’s dollars for a target population of 6,000. A Level English Coursework! It certainly fit within the writing activity worksheets, current budget spending of $245 million. Nevertheless, we knew that San Francisco needed the lit and coursework, buy-in of the creative activity, Bay Area cities. In May 1990, mayors from San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond and San Francisco signed a joint action plan and encouraged every city around the raffi yessayan, bay to join the effort. Aug. 15, 1989 Mayor Art Agnos fields questions during a news conference announcing the city’s master plan on homelessness. Photo by: Sam Forencich, The Chronicle. By 1991, we had added 444 beds in transitional housing, and awarded funding to construct 645 more for a total of 1,500 new places. So why didn’t this state-of-the-art plan work?

The monumental human tragedy that is homelessness cannot be solved by activity constantly changing plans at election day. Elected officials must be willing to assume immediate political risks in of research in education, order to achieve a long-term solution. Further, the public must accept responsibility for its fair share of the solution. NIMBYism threatened any effort to locate a necessary component of a homeless plan anywhere except the Tenderloin. People want the issue to be solved, but not at their inconvenience. But it can be done — just look at creative worksheets, the magnificent Delancey Street facilities located in Pacific Heights and now along the pakistan essay, high-end waterfront. The media has the responsibility to do more than the occasional special feature. Recently, homelessness came into the news because of the tent crisis on creative writing Division Street.

This teachable moment must be continued regularly to raffi inform the creative writing, community about honest, workable solutions. No plan will succeed until we demonstrate that we have the commitment to do all that is necessary to make an effective plan work for the most unpopular group of needy Americans. San Francisco has plans to do more. Our city is struggling with the humanitarian crisis of raffi, people experiencing homelessness on our streets. Creative Writing Activity! This challenge isn’t unique to San Francisco — cities up and down the dissertation chapter 3, West Coast, and in fact across the nation, are seeing spikes in their homeless populations. In San Francisco, we’ve moved 20,000 homeless individuals indoors over the last decade, and given them the writing worksheets, social and emotional support they need in our city or back to their hometowns. But, clearly, we need to do more. Feb. 23, 2016 David Tompkins reads a book next to essay persuasive his dog, Betty, at the Pier 80 homeless shelter while a group of city officials tours the writing activity, facility. Photo: Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle. As we house and serve thousands, they’re replaced by new thousands — people who fall into homelessness here, people sent here by other states or people who arrive every day seeking a better life.

As a result, people live on a level english lang coursework our streets, under freeways and even in tents on our sidewalks. Activity Worksheets! This is unhealthy, unsafe and unacceptable. That’s why I have pledged that over the next four years the city will help at examples in education, least 8,000 people get off our streets and into housing or services to help them stay permanently off our streets. Through coordinated, compassionate and high-quality services provided by creative worksheets the newly created Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, we are building a system that ends a person’s homelessness before it becomes chronic. I’ve budgeted the funding necessary to support these plans and have worked closely with the Board of Supervisors on a proposed sales tax for the November ballot to sustain these investments. Nov. 10, 2014 Mayor Ed Lee stands next to Clarence Cook, who was planning to raffi author move with 30 other homeless veterans into permanent supportive housing at a facility on Kearny Street.

Photo: Brant Ward, The Chronicle. But in order to be successful, we must learn from the past. We know if we simply move people into shelter or from activity worksheets corner to corner without a longer-term plan for lang, their success, we are not meeting the challenge of writing activity, homelessness. We’re prolonging the problem. That’s why we started the Navigation Center, which has quickly become a model for essay, serving people who are homeless. It maximizes existing resources, strategically invests in worksheets, creative programs, and multi paragraph, effectively matches individuals with the creative writing, services they need. These centers break down barriers that homeless people face when moving off the paragraph essay persuasive, streets by creative writing worksheets allowing 24-hour access to multi essay shelter and opportunities to bring their partners, possessions and pets with them. Activity! This approach allows us to stabilize individuals and take care of pakistan, their immediate needs. Then we can help them focus on a long-term plan for their lives off the streets. April 6, 2016 Mayor Ed Lee visits with Pier 80 client James Harris. Lee has pledged to step up efforts to deal with homelessness.

Photo by: Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle. As we expand Navigation Centers, we also have to expand our permanent supportive housing options. Writing Activity! That’s why I have made an additional 700 housing units available in the last year alone. After people enter the Navigation Center, they then can move into housing with the mental health and other services they need — on-site —to remain housed. This is San Francisco’s largest expansion of raffi author, supportive housing in more than a decade. We have all the ingredients for success to end homelessness for thousands of creative writing activity, our fellow citizens. I see it every day in the passion and energy of our service providers, city staff and everyday San Franciscans. It is with this passion and these investments that we push toward one goal: to end homelessness one by write dissertation chapter 3 one, with the compassion and writing activity worksheets, dignity that defines San Francisco.

Solution calls for yessayan, courage, creative ideas, new resources. By Frank Jordan. San Francisco has a proud reputation as a compassionate, caring, tolerant city — a place of creative writing activity, new beginnings with opportunities for a second chance in life. Unfortunately, with all our good intentions and different strategies, we are still unable to resolve the problem of chapter 3, homelessness. Every mayor has devoted public resources and tax dollars, but homelessness continues to be a complex social issue with highly charged political ramifications. If there were simple solutions, then our city’s elected officials — with the assistance of human-services organizations such as the Salvation Army, St. Anthony’s Outreach, Glide Memorial Church, Hamilton House, the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corp., A Woman’s Place and Swords to Plowshares (to name a few) — would have resolved homelessness. As it is, every major U.S. city is struggling with the issue. Nov.

7, 1988 Frank Jordan, then San Francisco's police chief, tells a homeless man where he can find shelter for the night. As mayor, Jordan introduced the Matrix program, which combined the creative worksheets, efforts of the examples, police and creative activity, public health and social workers. Photo: Brant Ward, The Chronicle. The reasons for homelessness are many: families are out of work; veterans return home with post-traumatic stress disorder or drug or alcohol dependency; a state adopts a policy whereby the state psychiatric hospitals closed and patients released to cities ill-equipped to provide them necessary services. Adding to the mix is the high cost of living and diminishing number of blue-collar jobs in save pakistan, San Francisco. Unfortunately, periodic economic downturns and creative activity, a variety of complicated medical conditions provide a never-ending supply of research analysis, new people to take the place of those who have been helped. At the same time, San Francisco’s taxpaying citizens and creative activity, business owners are entitled to of research proposals in education and expect a reasonable level of public safety and writing activity worksheets, quality of life. As a city, we must extend a helping hand while encouraging civil behavior in public places. I suggest we need, with a coordinated effort and resources from the state and pakistan essay, federal governments:

Community support for the police, allowing realistic enforcement of quality-of-life laws. Courts working in concert with law enforcement, health care and social-service workers. Writing! Too often, cases are dismissed, and the revolving door continues. Save Essay! Rather than penalties, impose mandatory treatment. Sufficient housing and care facilities. Laura’s Law, which requires treatment of activity worksheets, mentally ill people when they are a danger to themselves and others. The legal means to have people in need of alcohol, drug or mental health services to accept them.

It will take courage, commitment and creative elected officials to successfully navigate the difficult road ahead. We must all stay positive and hopeful. Remember: “It is better to research analysis light a candle than to curse the darkness.” The Matrix program was an effort to address the escalation in the number of homeless persons on our streets. The goal was to assist in providing shelter and writing, psychiatric or substance-abuse treatment to homeless individuals, provided that they would agree.

Matrix was delivered through teams, each with a police officer, a public health worker and a social worker. Raffi Yessayan Author! The social worker would attempt to sign up homeless individuals for food stamps and a $345 monthly general assistance check. Monthly rent was paid directly to landlords of single-room occupancy hotels. This eliminated the problem of homeless people with drug/alcohol or mental health issues having cash to spend on their addiction or having other street people take advantage of worksheets, them. The police officer would enforce laws against public inebriation, obstructing the sidewalks, trespassing, aggressive panhandling, public defecation or camping, and sleeping in neighborhood parks. We found we can’t be tolerant of inappropriate behavior or it will only get worse.

March 11, 1992 Mayor Frank Jordan is shown a room at the Richmond Hills Family Center by Program Director Nancy Monroe. Photo: Brant Ward, The Chronicle. To put Matrix into practice, the save, Mayor’s Office initiated and voters approved ballot measures involving quality-of-life issues and procedural changes in creative activity worksheets, general-assistance funding. For example, panhandling was not allowed in the immediate area of automatic bank teller machines so customers withdrawing funds would not feel intimidated. Housing the homeless proved insurmountable: The city was unable to write chapter 3 provide large-scale funding for creative writing, long-term, low-income housing to author keep homeless individuals permanently off the writing activity worksheets, streets.

This is a much bigger problem for on water analysis, local governments to solve without a dedicated stream of funding from the state and federal governments. The program name was a problem: “Matrix” came across to some as a semi-militaristic title — too strong! More citizen acceptance possibly would have occurred with a more sensitive title. Writing Worksheets! In succeeding years, the city launched a program very similar in practice but whose name, “Care Not Cash,” conveyed a softer tone. Semantics can help — or hinder — a program as it begins to write dissertation chapter 3 unfold. A window of writing activity worksheets, opportunity for a regional approach. By Gavin Newsom. There’s nothing like seeing yourself burned in effigy. My life-size self was set ablaze at 18th and raffi yessayan author, Castro streets, the response of creative writing activity worksheets, some who opposed my new strategy on homelessness. It was the reaction of people who preferred the dissertation 3, status quo.

But we forged ahead and developed a 10-year plan to tackle chronic homelessness by reorienting the system of care away from writing managing the problem and examples of research proposals in education, toward solving it. We aimed to break the cycle of dependency and move people into stable living situations. We began by focusing on supportive housing. During my tenure, we moved people off the street — a 40 percent decrease in street homelessness. Writing! We helped move 12,391 people into permanent housing or back with family, aided by the completion of supportive-housing units and save essay, permanent supportive-housing units for homeless seniors.

We laid the foundations for 2,827 more supportive-housing units, and added 67 units of homeless senior housing. July 20, 2010 Mayor Gavin Newsom talks about accessing city services for the homeless with a group of creative activity worksheets, people camped out under the Transbay Terminal overpass on Beale Street. Photo: Michael Macor, The Chronicle. Underpinning the plan — and the fuel for my burning effigy — was “Care Not Cash,” a strategy that changed the dynamic of San Francisco’s failed approach to homelessness. To suppress homelessness, you have to repeal the policies that support it. “Care Not Cash” emphasized supportive housing and social services instead of cash-handout dependency. It reduced the number of write chapter, active welfare cases by 83 percent. We redirected more than $14 million to place once cash-dependent homeless San Franciscans into housing. We brought to scale Project Homeless Connect, a model that has been recognized and creative activity worksheets, replicated globally, and served more than 33,000 homeless clients, delivering services such as dental care and eye exams through a volunteer army. The program addressed the basics: poor dental hygiene, the need for prescription eyeglasses and access to ID, which so often we found to be obstacles to essay employment, housing and creative activity worksheets, government assistance.

Homeless Outreach Teams targeted hotspots like Golden Gate Park; we established veterans’ programs, women’s programs, senior programs and respite programs. All were designed to expand our reach and pakistan essay, access to creative writing services. And we opened the Community Justice Center to address quality-of-life violations by redirecting people out the revolving door of the criminal justice system and into life-changing rehabilitation programs. April 30, 2004 Mayor Gavin Newsom looks out of a level english lang, a window at creative writing activity worksheets, the McAllister Hotel, where rooms were being made available to english coursework the homeless receiving general assistance from the city. Photo: Brant Ward, The Chronicle.

Ultimately, for all the energy invested and creative writing worksheets, progress made on homelessness in San Francisco during my time as mayor, it was painfully clear that the pakistan essay, city couldn’t do it on its own. It’s a myth that any city can end homelessness alone. Like the other seemingly intractable challenges San Francisco faces — traffic and housing — holistic solutions to homelessness require coordination and writing worksheets, support from the region and the state. Lang! Without that, one city’s policies will simply temporarily shift its problems to creative activity worksheets a neighbor. Now is the time to yessayan take meaningful action, because we have bold, smart leaders at the state and regional level who understand what it takes.

In San Jose’s Sam Liccardo and writing activity worksheets, Oakland’s Libby Schaaf, San Francisco has neighboring mayors who understand the power of regional solutions to take on examples proposals in education tough challenges. At the state level, state Sen. Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, has a bill (SB1380) to create a state Interagency Council on Homelessness, which will allow California’s experts on homeless services to coordinate and trade our best ideas around the state. If there were easy answers, then homelessness would have been solved years ago. But we must never be complacent about something this fundamental to a city’s humanity. We should take advantage of this unique moment to work for state and regional solutions that will help San Francisco and California. Major changes needed before complex issue can be solved. By Willie Brown. The 1995 contest for creative, mayor had a major issue: homelessness.

Everyone was asking “Does the write, Jordan administration’s ‘Matrix’ program work?” My answer was a loud and forceful “no.” After all, this was a political campaign. Creative! My answer tracked with what the write dissertation chapter 3, public opinion survey showed. I, of course, in creative worksheets, the pursuit of votes and with the true belief that the problem was solvable, campaigned on the promise that I could solve it — ASAP. I called for a summit on homelessness shortly after taking the oath of 3, office. Then, a series of meetings with city staff, neighborhood representatives, small-business owners and homeless advocates led me to the conclusion that the summit was not needed.

Aug. 20, 1997 Mayor Willie Brown wields a broom as part of his litter-removal program, while neighborhood youths look on. Brown says his “only option was to manage” homelessness. Photo: Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle. This is what I learned:

The homeless population was more complicated than my campaign rhetoric had acknowledged. This population was composed of military veterans, victims of drug addiction, persons with mental challenges, people with serious health issues, persons suffering from creative activity worksheets poverty, and families displaced by multiple uncontrolled circumstances. We addressed all of these populations as best as we could, given the legal limitations. Dec. 12, 1995 Willie Brown sports a cap reading “Da Mayor” while claiming victory in the San Francisco mayor’s race over incumbent Frank Jordan in a runoff election.

During the campaign, Brown promised to solve the city’s homeless problem but eventually concluded that was not possible. Photo: Christina Koci Hernandez, San Francisco Examiner. Governments — national, state, county or city — did not have the power legally to address homelessness. When you can’t force people to accept shelter or medication — even for save pakistan essay, their own benefit — it renders you helpless. My only option was to manage — not end — the problem. This included: Contracting with nonprofit care organizations, partnering with faith-based groups, supporting community and neighborhood food and health care programs and, of course, operating city homeless shelter and drop-in facilities — all subject to only voluntary use by homeless people. Washing down the downtown streets, at hours recommended by city staff. Dismantling and removing campsites (a staple of our program).

Also effective was hiring an ex-homeless person to be the homeless program troubleshooter. Oct. 8, 1999 Pheona Tippens sits near shopping carts laden with her belongings on Market Street. She said then that God would take care of her if Mayor Willie Brown and the police took away her carts. Brown said at the time that homelessness could not be solved. Photo: Vince Maggiora, The Chronicle. Each of these steps was designed to creative worksheets legally control the issue.

In my judgment, they worked but we did not wipe out homelessness. I said — to research paper on water my regret to this day — homelessness cannot be solved. My conclusion was — and is — that to solve homelessness requires massive change of many laws, rules and regulations which, without careful control, could impact the writing, general population’s cherished freedoms.

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The Case For GM, In Glorious Powerpoint. With GM’s share price currently hovering below $25, well under its $33 IPO price, The General is holding its second annual Global Business Conference in hopes of worksheets, encouraging investors the world over to buy into its turnaround. A webcast is currently streaming over at the GM Investor Relations website, but the key points are available in slides available in PDF here. The presentation involves nearly every level of GM’s business, so listening in and reading the entire PDF is on water, going to be the creative worksheets, best way to make sense of what GM is trying to communicate… but if you just want an overview, check out the examples of research in education, gallery below for creative activity a few hand-picked slides, illustrating some of the more important points. 73 Comments on “The Case For GM, In Glorious Powerpoint. ” First impression on reading that slide: Dan Akerson is pakistan essay, a dangerous lunatic. I can’t believe people keep comparing him to creative activity, Alan Mulally. Yeah, they’re both from non-automotive backgrounds, but Mulally came from Boeing, which is raffi yessayan, a company that actually makes things, whereas Akerson came from writing worksheets some finance company. Akerson is dangerous but he can’t destroy GM by himself. This little Powerpoint exercise is scary. Akerson is surrounding himself with little clones and yes-men. They think that marketing, using the examples of research proposals in education, right words and writing activity, images, will solve all their problems.

The vehicles are secondary to them. I thought that kind of Powerpoint abuse was done but it still survives at a level english lit and lang coursework GM. Creative Writing Activity! Surely eventually someone will lose his job over this. Ron Zarella is back at GM. The part that pisses me off the most is that the elements of dissertation chapter, success are all there.

There’s some genuine engineering talent working at GM. They’ve got history (some of it even good!), they’ve got an extensive dealer network, they’ve got manufacturing capacity, etc. Worksheets! etc. but with the wrong guy in charge they’ll piss away their opportunity to paragraph essay persuasive, turn it around. And that’s exactly what they’re doing when they focus on branding instead of product. And haven’t we seen this movie before? Remember Roger Smith and his merry band of worksheets, yes-men? If GM actually succeeds with this management team, it will in spite, and dissertation 3, not because of writing activity, them. Save Essay! No faith in GM from this corner. Aristurtle, there is some great engineering talent there and they make good cars. Creative Writing Activity Worksheets! The engineers and the people in production are better than management. Let’s face it, Akerson got the job in spite of his resume and he seems to be infecting or inflicting himself and raffi yessayan, his yes-men on the company.

GM reminds me of what the Germans said about the British army in WWI, lions led by donkeys. The rank and file may not be lions but they are compared to the Akerson crew. “This little Powerpoint exercise is scary. Akerson is creative activity, surrounding himself with little clones and yes-men… The vehicles are secondary to them.” It’s Red Ink Rick, all over again!

It looks like the paper on water analysis, Ackerson years will result in a slimmed down GM. What caught my eye was the 50% reduction in both body platforms and engines. Will a 1 liter engine pass muster in the US? Does this mean that there will be no full sized van for Opel/Vauxhall to compete with the Transit and Transporter – or – will one full-sized van platform fit both Europe and North America? Today’s North American full-sized vans share a sizable parts bin with perennial sales leader, the full size pick up.

Pay attention to the chart that shows high versus low production costs countries. My bet is GM wants to make greater use of the latter. number of engine types. not size of engine. As a brand, Apple is such a one off that “be like Apple” is a misguided strategy. Their success is creative writing, very path dependent. Chevrolet’s positioning is raffi yessayan, so far off Apple’s that to think they will ever be in the same league is ludicrous in the near and medium term. Okay, GM, let’s see a plan where you can be just like Apple. Great, let’s get started! First, you have to rethink the entire control mechanism of cars.

Imagine how a car would be controlled by creative worksheets a touch screen instead of a steering wheel and pedals. Examples Of Research Proposals In Education! Apple did their equivalent of this when they changed their iPod from the click wheel design to the finger-based touch screen. “But that would be illegal! Federal Regulations require that a car have a steering wheel, that it is designed to certain specifications, etc, etc.” Well, you can’t be like Apple, then. Creative Writing Activity Worksheets! Apple differentiates themselves from the pakistan, pack with completely unique design.

If you are in writing activity worksheets an industry that’s so heavily regulated cars need to be extremely similar to each other, you can’t be Apple. By the way, I am not saying cars should not be regulated in yessayan this way – it would probably be quite dangerous to have cars hurtling down the road with radically different user interfaces and creative writing worksheets, designs. Research! But that means that no automaker can use a strategy even slightly like Apple’s, and the fact that they think they can is worrisome to the extreme. Most retarded comment of the day right here. comparing Chevrolet to Apple… ha ha that’s funny. I laughed pretty hard at that one too. Doubt very much the mullet behind the wheel of worksheets, a Camaro has any clue about the success or innovations of save, Apple products outside of his gen 1 ipod loaded with a catalog of worksheets, 80’s hair metal. Apple is a hip brand that has a huge following with the younger techies and a level english, Chevy stands for. unhip appliances you rent while on writing activity vacation.

Apple has reinvented itself many times, I don’t know whether the changes possible in the car industry are something along the examples of research proposals in education, scope of Apple IIe - iPad. As for your feelings of superiority toward your hypothetical Amurcan with a Camaro and mullet, it’s not very becoming to stereotype people, even po’ white trash. Hell, over on Jalopnik some youngun thinks I’m a racist just because I’ve noticed that B-body Impala SSs and high performance Panthers like the Marauder are popular with big black men. I’ve owned GM cr*p. Never again. I have many Apple products.

All still work. Apple has talent in creative worksheets management and in engineering. GM has slime in management, they’ve suppressed both of their engineers, and the UAW can shove it up their smelly Obamas. Shove it GM. Apple also has major marketing talent, which is something GM has lacked for a long time.

Wait a second. The GM tech center is one of the largest concentrations of engineering talent in the world. No question about it. They have something like 4 Cray supercomputers. Many countries’ governments don’t even have one Cray. Paper! GM owns more desktop computers than any company in creative writing activity worksheets America, and they’re Autodesk’s and other CAD software companies’ best customers. As Pete Delorenzo points out, it’s not the true believers and car guys in the trenches who make the mistakes. As for Apple, considering that Alfred Sloan supposedly invented planned obsolescence, Steve Jobs made it into an art form. In many ways Apple is like a religion or a club that requires regular dues.

They are constantly obsoleting models and it’s very hard to get old Apple stuff repaired. They didn’t exactly treat their customers well concerning the paragraph, flaming battery issue. Imagine if GM sold a car whose batteries burst into flames, and then said that if you don’t get it fixed within two years, they’re not responsible for it. Weren’t there some privacy concerns over what the iPhones do? Imagine if OnStar was doing that?

Think GM would get as much slack as Apple has? I’ve admired Jobs (and Wozniak) and Apple product and activity worksheets, software designers are among the best, but the company is not quite ready for sainthood. I owned an paragraph essay persuasive, Apple IIe, was an early Macintosh owner, and supported about 400 Macs at a DuPont site. They certainly make great stuff. Back when they made their own software I thought their apps like Filemaker were superior to anything Microsoft sold.

But it’s not a perfect company. I’d say that some of Apple’s behaviors concerning the iTunes store, what they will and worksheets, won’t sell in terms of apps, what they will and dissertation, won’t let you do with their products, would have attracted the attention of anti-trust investigators at one time. Today, with car companies hooking up in creative writing activity all sorts of formal and other ways it sounds funny, but in examples of research proposals in education the 1960s and 1970s, some Detroit auto execs wouldn’t play a round of golf with someone from another of the Big 3 for fear of an anti-trust investigation. Also, GM and creative worksheets, the rest of Detroit get pilloried for losing market share. A Level Lit And Lang! Apple has to keep moving into new markets because in every one, they lose big chunks of writing activity, market share as new competitors arise. In the personal computing field they went from proposals in education about 10% of the market to 3%. Creative Writing Worksheets! Likewise with the iPod, iPhone, and lit and, iPad, their groundbreaking, market creating products quickly have had competitors, all taking market share. One of these days, either before or after Steve Jobs leaves the company one way or another, Apple will have another Lisa, another Next.

I’m certainly no Apple hater, though I personally use a PC for worksheets legacy software reasons. To me, though, if anything, Apple’s “hip” appeal is examples of research, a turnoff. I own a couple of activity worksheets, fedoras not because I want to look hip, but because I like hats. @Ronnie: I’m a long time Apple user, mostly a consequence of being a graphic designer and production artist. Generally speaking they make a darn good product. But, and it’s a big but, they have made astonishingly bad hardware/software moves. But, I submit it’s the whole “computer mystique” culture, and research on water, the fact that the creative activity, general public has just gotten comfortable with computing. What I’m speaking of are issues just like the flaming (or dying) batteries, OS software with security holes all through it, etc. The computer industry as a whole has just about totally ignored any kinds of responsibility in regards to consumer protection, either from external threats or internal screw ups where we get to coursework, be beta testers. Again, imagine if your telephone gave you a shock every time you used it.

Would you continue using it? Of course not. But we (as the general public) have bought into writing activity, the whole “computer mystique” idea with geeks as the high priests of the of research in education, unreadable scrolls. It’s only taken 25 or so years, but we as consumers are finally getting around to demanding better software/hardware. And just barely at that. I’ve seen (dimbulb) people threaten to drive their malfunctioning but new cars through the windows of the showroom because of worksheets, some defect, even though they were wrong about the issue. But we accept all kinds of flaws in our daily business machines, with hardly a whimper. When Steve Job leaves again (or dies), Apple will flounder. Witness Microsoft, especially with Ballmer in write chapter 3 charge. Writing Activity Worksheets! Or HP. Or any other company where the research, founding father(s) exit.

I too am no Apple hater either, but there is a plethora of choices out there in the technology arena. I love my Macs, but I have no issue buying Windows or Android or whatever suits my needs. I can’t believe it…someone who hasn’t partaken of the Apple Kool-Aid. Of course, God help you if a member of the Cult of writing activity, Steve reads this…watch out for the brickbats. A seldom-discussed reason for the success of Apple is raffi author, their advertising strategy. You’ll notice that you never see Apple computers advertised next to an equivalent PC, because if that happened, people would see just how overpriced Apples are in creative activity worksheets comparison to examples of research in education, an equivalent PC of the same size. I like to creative writing, call it advertising by isolation. Another thing is the slavish following that Apple has from certain members of the media. I dare you – double dare you, to find me ONE negative review of an Apple product in the mass media. It just won’t happen.

You can add me to the list of people who steadfastly refuse to drink the Apple Kool-Aid for raffi yessayan all the reasons Ronnie cited above. I certainly respect the activity worksheets, graphic use of their computer – geozinger, what, exactly, is the reason Apples are better than PCs for graphics, anyway? Still, computers have ‘way too much stuff on them that 99% of people have no idea or rhyme or reason why that stuff is weighing down their computers in the first place – me included. I like my automobiles the same way – nice-looking, but I don’t need all the bells and whistles the higher-end cars have. All GM needs to do is make cars that are attractive inside and out like they built from 1955-1972, make them reliable, and they’ll be fine. @Zackman: The Apple Macintosh came with pretty decent graphics capabilities right out of the box, and of research, Apple had developed it’s own drawing program to ship with the computer. Creative Writing Activity! Steve Jobs had taken calligraphy classes in multi paragraph persuasive college, which apparently influenced some of the activity worksheets, characteristics of the original OS. Other developers saw the potential in this machine and pakistan, decided to develop page layout, illustration, and photo manipulation programs. Creative! Generally computer-adverse artists came to appreciate the fact that all of the save essay, Mac stuff worked together pretty well and didn’t leave you with a bunch of glitches and incompatibilities like the writing, contemporary PCs did at that time. The funny thing is, most of the PCs when properly equipped, could outperform almost any Mac, you had to buy expensive upgrades to get the real performance out of a Mac.

But, at 3 the time Mac had the writing, graphics design market, and they wisely decided to examples proposals in education, hang on to it. Apple was wise in it’s marketing, too. It had “Apple Evangelists” back in the day, keeping the troops rallied, and not only defying FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt), but spreading some Apple FUD of their own. Can you imagine a GM/Ford/Hyundai/whatever Evangelist? The hoots of derision would echo for writing weeks!

Having perspective from the Ford/Chevy wars, it was far more internecine than anything I’d ever witnessed before. But being involved in print production, you use a variety of platforms in everyday situations, and multi paragraph essay persuasive, after a while you realize they’re all just plastic boxes with flashing lights. Having said that, I have six Macs at creative writing activity worksheets home, and 3 PCs. You can see where my allegiances lie, I guess. Dissertation 3! But, my next phone will be an Android, and worksheets, when I get around to getting a tablet, I will probably look to examples of research proposals in education, Android for one of those. I’m asking Santa Claus for a 27? iMac, though… Well, if GM can build cars the way Apple builds computers, the first generation will be sold without headlights, and whenever new tires come out you will have to writing activity worksheets, buy a whole new car which won’t work with the old roads and will require all stoplights to be upgraded as well :P. This could be an paper analysis, interesting goal to activity worksheets, aspire to… Indeed I still own a Firewire iPod 10GB. It was also the examples of research, generation where they went for awful touch-sensitive buttons.

What a joke. There used to be an worksheets, old joke that if cars were as reliable as Windows computers, you’d get used to pakistan, the car just stopping a couple of times a day. BTW, if you think car fanatics get crazy about worksheets, brand loyalty, don’t provoke the Apple cult. They even get upset when I compare the Win-Mac rivalry to Ford-Chevy. Besides, all the real computer geeks that I know prefer Linux.

In fact I recommend to all that make their Wintel boxes dual boot with a Ubuntu installation just to have a backdoor just in case. As a plan, the plan is pakistan essay, actually pretty good. I do have doubts about the ability to creative writing activity worksheets, execute. It looks as if GM finally wants to embrace a lean production model with supplier relationships to raffi author, match. That’s good. Creative Writing Activity! But lean can’t work without a fairly horizontal management team and save, a willingness to maintain good relationships with line workers. These are things at which GM has been notoriously bad.

Roger Smith sort of tried, and failed with it. Culturally, it could be a hard sell. They may have to fire quite a few managers and some of the worksheets, more strident among labor in order to make it work. It won’t be an easy process. The goal to offshore the paper, vast majority of production to activity worksheets, emerging markets sounds like a real stretch. My guess is that it would cost more, take longer and produce less satisfactory results than anticipated. The cost squeezing mentality that has been a disastrous part of GM’s DNA seems to raffi, be lingering, and it isn’t a good one.

I also question this desire to turn Cadillac into a global brand. This seems like a desperate attempt to writing, make Cadillac more relevant than what it is. I would instead create luxury platforms, and design and brand them as Opels, Buicks or Cadillacs, depending upon of research proposals their market. The Apple comparison was fair enough and misunderstood by the comments that I have read thus far. The goal isn’t an entirely bad one. However, I seriously doubt that GM badges are going to become iconic or, more importantly, that achieving iconic status is even necessary in order to sell more cars. For example, does anyone really think that the F-150, Camry or Civic are icons, or that they need to be in order to be successful? @PCH: I would agree with most of your comments.

I see the comments about offshoring as applying to the region closest to their markets, not necessarily the NA market. Creative Writing! But I could be reading that incorrectly, too. Whether Cadillac really makes a international luxury marque will be left up to GM. I personally like your idea better. Yessayan Author! But neither one of us works there… Generally speaking, there’s really not much new here.

Generally speaking, there’s really not much new here. Well, there are some differences. The supplier relationship discussion is a complete reversal of the Jack Smith strategy of squeezing suppliers for costs. Worksheets! That’s a broad departure from old strategy, a strategy that the old GM sold to Wall Street as providing them with an advantage. The blatant commitment to emerging markets is also a bit of a change.

Those who make the inane “profits go to Japan” argument might want to read this, so that they can see that GM profits are earmarked for destinations in the third world far, far away from examples proposals in education Michigan. They’ve also proclaimed that Chevy and Cadillac are supreme brands. That’s different from the past, when all of the US brands were supposed co-equals, even if some of them were blatant failures. The commitment to writing activity, two dominant marques with others subordinated to them is not something that the old GM would have done. Research Paper Analysis! That suggests that an effort is being made to change the political and cultural climate within the company.

This sounds like the greatest break from the status quo since Roger Smith. Worksheets! And that didn’t go so well, because the turf brawlers within GM management hated Roger Smith. Then again, it might be easier today than it used to be, now that so many brands have been jettisoned and so many heads have rolled. @Pch: The whole business of supplier squeezing really started with our buddy Inaki, but Jack was CEO at essay persuasive the time, so he gets stuck with the creative writing activity worksheets, rep. Write Dissertation Chapter! I think that after 20 years of hosing the people who truly make your cars, realizing that screwing them was not good policy constitutes an epiphany. Writing Activity! Having worked for a Tier 1 supplier and pakistan essay, friends and creative worksheets, family who worked for Delphi, it will be a welcome change. I’m not sure that I would call the multi paragraph persuasive, commitment to creative writing, other markets much of a change, it’s been happening for dissertation 3 a while. For my fellow USians, our market isn’t the biggest anymore and when India explodes, we may be the third biggest market. As USians, we may not like it, but it IS prudent. Along with stuff I don’t like, making Chevy an entry level product in world markets is writing worksheets, consistent I guess. The BK rearranged the Company in write dissertation chapter so many ways, I really don’t think we as the general public are aware.

Which leads to two items: First, Cadillac as a supreme brand worldwide? Honestly, they need to writing worksheets, step up the character of the product. Maybe they need to offshore Cadillac like Buick has been, and build exceptional products for other markets IN other markets, again, like Buick. Second, as I alluded to earlier and you say “Then again, it might be easier today than it used to be, now that so many brands have been jettisoned and so many heads have rolled.”. Research Paper Analysis! No matter what detractors say, I think there has been a cultural change, but it will take some time to display it. EDIT: Going back to the slide at the top of the activity worksheets, post, I can’t imagine the examples proposals, management having something like made up this until recently. I think as shortly as 5 years ago GM thought that Ford was their only competition… The whole business of supplier squeezing really started with our buddy Inaki, but Jack was CEO at the time, so he gets stuck with the rep. The CEO always gets the credit or the blame. But in any case, GM’s management decided that GM could be profitable if it sold low RD vehicles (read: SUVs), built with cheap parts, at high prices, and put a guy on the payroll whose job it was to squeeze parts prices. At least Akerson seems to writing activity worksheets, see that such a plan is a level english lit and, not sustainable in today’s market.

I’m not sure that I would call the creative writing activity worksheets, commitment to other markets much of a change. It’s the bluntness of it. Paragraph Persuasive! So much for the heartbeat of creative worksheets, America, etc. No matter what detractors say, I think there has been a cultural change, but it will take some time to display it. I don’t doubt the 3, desire at the top to make cultural changes. But they aren’t easy changes to make, particularly in a company that has been as dysfunctional as has GM. Creative Writing! If GM is serious about going lean, it could be a battle. 80% of incremental sales should be build in paragraph essay China, mostly because this would minimise transportation cost. Every business has to have goals. While I understand the allegorical reference to writing, Apple’s loyal fanbase and success, I don’t think GM will be following exactly in Apple’s footprints. A Level Coursework! I can appreciate wanting to creative writing worksheets, emulate Apple’s successes in of research proposals in education the last 10 or so years, but Apple made a lot of mistakes in that time, too.

So will GM. And everyone else for that matter. There’s nothing shown in the slides that indicates any kind of “madness”. Creative Activity! All of this stuff has been revealed long before today. It’s been long known that GM wanted to use Chevy as a global brand, and the timelines for lang coursework rationalizing platforms and engines seems reasonable. This is the macro-plan, the creative writing activity, view from 10,000 feet, where they are headed and roughly how long to raffi author, get there. Where it gets interesting will be in the micro-plan.

But GM at least in North America has been moving the ball down the field, and seems to creative writing worksheets, be gaining ground. +1. Research Analysis! Thanks for sharing your voice of reason. All I can say is creative activity worksheets, that I have found Cadillac owners to be “ambitious and individualistic with an unmistakeable swagger.” Their “visceral, energetic, and unapologetic” tone sits well with me. I aspire to be one someday. Apple? No. Apple pie, yes.

Along with baseball and hot dogs. Although I think Toyota, Ford and Hyundai are farther along on that road. Good to see they put the supplier survey information. At least they know good relationships with suppliers is important. Interesting to see the positioning of Cadillac and yessayan author, Buick.

Can’t wait for the keynote with Akerson in a black turtleneck showing off the iChevy! Building the ‘brand’ has always been GM’s MO. They build cars on the side. @DenverMike: Building the creative, financial portfolio has been GM’s MO much more so than building any “brand”. Save! I heard a lecture from economist Richard Wolff that did as good a job as any explaining why American car quality went into creative writing activity worksheets, the crapper.

Wolff stated that once the car companies got into the finance business, i.e. GMAC, Ford Motor Credit and the like, building cars became secondary to of research, the profit that they could make financing the worksheets, cars. Once they figured out lit and lang that they could make a hefty profit financing cars, it didn’t matter to activity, them how the cars were built, just so long as people came back every two years to multi paragraph essay persuasive, buy another car. The profit motive outweighed the quality motive, and the same still holds true for the “new” GM. I’m surprised it hasn’t been picked up yet…Apple’s marketing strategy is EXACTLY what GM used to do 50 years ago. In fact it was a strategy Harley Earl invented: Build a product that exceeds your expectations and makes you happy…until the writing, next model comes out. That’s Apple in a nutshell…exactly what GM used to do before the Bean Counters took the reigns from the True Believers.

The hysteria over the next Apple anything is merely the 2011 equivalent of the old 1950’s showroom reveal. That’s not saying the research on water, road to their branding goals isn’t filled with potholes…Dan Akerson’s still the CEO, for activity starters…and which engine/platform archetectures get the ax? And so on…but if they actually remember that the product comes first, as they so state in their PDF, then they’ve got a shot. One other thing…the current administration in Washington won’t be in power forever. A future administration will cut GM loose because the voters who elected them demand it. I assure you that this administration is looking to sell all of its GM stock somewhere before November 2012. Multi Paragraph Persuasive! Personally, I think the best decision financially might be to throw some weight around to oust Akerson, replace him with someone whose head isn’t so far… excuse me, I think the current polite term is “someone less Oroboros-like”, and creative worksheets, then hold onto the stock until it’s actually worth more money than we paid for it. Unfortunately, politics dictate that if Obama doesn’t sell off the chapter, stock before the election, the worksheets, guy replacing him will sell it off in January as his own political media play, no matter what loss the government takes on the deal. @Budda-Boom: You are absolutely right in you analysis of Apple’s marketing strategy. Harley Earl invented it and save pakistan essay, used it to devastating effect in the 1950’s. There is writing, one difference, though.

In the 1950’s GM actually had product to back up the marketing. And, unlike today, Earl had the full backing and support of the save pakistan, brass at creative writing activity worksheets GM, because some of them understood that design, more than anything else, sold cars. Would that they recognized that today. Instead, we have more cost-cutting, silly little product “plans”, and no real product to back it up. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it. Budda-Boom, I’ve said many times that Steve Jobs perfected Alfred Sloan’s planned obsolescence. It might not mean much, but on the slide that shows the benefits of cutting down platforms/engines, there sure was a lot of talk about saving money and cutting budgets, and yet “quality” barely got a mention….it was relegated to the “Other” section. It just kind of paragraph, shows you where the priorities lie with the creative worksheets, leadership… which is research paper on water, what makes the Apple comparison so ludicrous. Apple’s entire business strategy revolves around quality and giving the customer a fantastic product that they can’t get anywhere else.

Pulling out the Apple card seems like such a misguided populist move… it definitely shows that the leadership of this company doesn’t quite yet get it. Might as well start rapping and wearing your hat backwards, Dan….then you’ll really be cool. Yeah, it’s like you could peek in on the meeting where all this was brainstormed and creative writing worksheets, some marketing guy was saying “People like Apple so we’ll compare ourselves to Apple so then people will like us.” GM still hasn’t even addressed the negative fallout from the bailout so this branding exercise is most likely futile and counterproductive. To be fair, improved quality is multi essay, a potential secondary benefit of rationalizing platforms – the primary reason it is done is to cut expenses. It makes sense for “quality” to writing, be grouped under “other” in this slide. Many of multi paragraph persuasive, these slides begin with some variation of “Build good products” as the primary bullet point. Seems like everyone is missing the point. They want the creative activity worksheets, Chevy brand to be as recognizable as the save, Apple brand. They aren’t trying to use Apple’s strategy for marketing products or their product development techniques. Apple’s entire business strategy revolves around quality. “SquareTrade estimates that the writing worksheets, iPhone 4’s malfunction rate over a 12-month span was just 2.1%, meaning that slightly more than two phones out of essay persuasive, every 100 will die during a year.”

If GM emulates how Apple products behave, its quality is going to decline. In that respect, it would be better for GM to behave like Toyota, not like Apple. In any case, most of you on this thread are completely missing the creative writing, point of the examples of research, Apple analogy. As a result, the criticisms are off point. Here’s how GM touts the Apple metaphor: “Create iconic consumer brands that transcend the automotive category and become fabric of creative writing worksheets, culture.” In other words, they want Chevy and Cadillac to become cult-like brands with a public consciousness that goes beyond cars.

A bit like what Coca Cola has had for a long time, or what GM used to have back in the US back during the 50s. Of course, GM was able to achieve that in the 50s because it didn’t have much competition. Today, there is a lot more competition, and the competitors who are making money didn’t get there by focusing on icons. The Apple metaphor isn’t a good one for GM because a car company shouldn’t expect a bunch of geeks and of research proposals in education, hipsters to carry their business. Quirky in the auto business is spelled S-A-A-B, and creative, we know how well that worked out. Would be nice to make a phone call with it but in that iphones are uhm… defective. Research Analysis! Andriod phones have two reasons why they die more. Some of them are much cheaper and creative writing activity worksheets, much faster model changes so more phones are of the first run. Looking at the below list, Chevy has an insurmountable mountain to pakistan, climb, as do all automakers. Creative Activity Worksheets! (See methodology here: 2011 World’s most valuable brands in pakistan $ billion. Rank in BrandZ (Millward Brown Optimor) “Top 100”:

4.) Microsoft $76.3. 6.) McDonalds $66.0. 8.) China Mobile $52.6. 10.) Vodafone $44.04. 50.) Mercedes $15.3. I agree the Apple comparison seems pretty ludicrous. Activity Worksheets! Half of Apple’s success comes from a level english lit and coursework creating, then dominating, new product markets. Can’t see GM or any car maker doing that. The other half is first rate design and engineering, if GM makes that a priority then more power to ’em. Cutting platforms and engines seems like a good first step, as long as they focus on making what remains world class.

It’s interesting to note that when Jobs returned to Apple, the first thing he did was to drastically cut the writing, number of Macintosh models they offered. No Apple is not the first to the market. MP3 players, smart phones and tablets were out before they did anything with them. They made their products much better than the paragraph persuasive, others did. Creative! That is the strategy. It is multi essay, more that they as company are good in being the creative worksheets, first big company in a new market. After that the save essay, other big companies join in activity worksheets and Apple start to loose. General Motors is run by research on water pompous, egotistical, borderline maniacal fools who have no clue about how to creative worksheets, sell cars. in short, not much has changed. Heck I figured they had crossed that border a long time ago. @Dan: They crossed the border of maniacal around the same time that Roger Smith became the CEO. Just saying…

GM isn’t a company focused on 3 building, selling, and servicing cars. It hasn’t been for a long time. GM exists to feather the nests and writing, protect the butts of those who are high enough up the corporate ladder. Customers and workers are just a distraction from chapter 3 this. (At least this is the way GM has ACTED for decades, and actions do speak far louder than words.) +1 Dan: And that’s the creative writing activity, reason that GM finds themselves in the sordid situation they’re in today. Multi Paragraph Essay! Chickens do eventually come home to worksheets, roost, you know. And I have a sick feeling that Toyota is about to find that out too, much to their dismay. “Our direct competitors are Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, and Ford…” Bullsh!t. GM’s only direct competitor is itself; specifically, its piss-poor history of research paper on water, mediocre offerings and writing worksheets, shoddy quality. The sooner the company faces up to that, the sooner it may actually move on a level english lit and coursework and become relevant to more than 18% of the market.

And you know what? It’s hard as hell to beat that kind of competition. Especially when you don’t really want to beat it in the first place. +1 Rob. You forgot it’s piss poor dealers. There is so much low hanging fruit at GM that the weight of said fruit is dangling the fruit on the ground. Culturally, GM is still a 3rd rate operation. They have poor long term prospects until that is creative, fixed. Many of save pakistan, their other issues stem from that one fact. Maybe it’ll “work,” but the creative, Buick and paper analysis, Cadillac positioning statements basically boil down to “luxury for nice guys” and writing activity, “luxury for jerks.” Sounds like marketing designed around circumstances (dang! we have 2 brands that are alike — what do we do now?).

Does any other luxury brand/company segment the market like this? One of these days GM will adopt Ford’s strategy. It’ll be called “One Chevrolet.” Why don’t they just skip to the third act and get rid of all the other brands now? Painful, but inevitable. I still don’t think GM “gets it.” It sounds like the management thinks that all they have to do to save essay, make GM successful is consolidate all the writing, global product, cut production costs, and write chapter, manage the “brand.” Let me put this in plain terms: Chevrolet has no brand equity. Writing! Yes, Chevrolet once stood for something, but after all the Aveos, Uplanders, Optras, Epicas, Luminas, Citations, Cavaliers, Celebrities, and other misnamed, underperforming, low quality garbage that has gone under the Chevrolet name you come to the realization that General Motors in raffi author this day and age has no reason to exist. Why would anyone buy a Chevy, when they could get a Toyota, Ford, or VW, nameplates which all stand for something. Worse, GM cut all ties to the past (the only redeeming feature about the creative activity, Chevrolet “brand”), as only the write 3, Corvette can claim ancestry with the glory days of Chevrolet in activity worksheets the 50s, 60s and 70s. If GM wants to analysis, be successful it needs to make exciting products.

To be like Apple means taking risks, forging new ground, and committing to both excellence and a vision. Apple’s “innovations” often boil down to activity worksheets, the successful repackaging and research on water analysis, marketing of other people’s ideas. Yet these gambles often pay off, and creative, the market and consumers both benefit. The current GM lineup lacks vision or innovation, as it consists mostly of placeholders in raffi yessayan author various segments of varying, but not exceptional, competence. As a result, none of the GM products really stand out. I once cheered for GM, but years of waiting for the concepts that promised a return to GM greatness like the “rear-wheel drive V8-powered Impala SS” combined with consistently bland and uninteresting actual products soured me on the whole idea and showed me that the current company has little interest in or respect for its glorious past. Honestly, GM needs to make itself relevant and fast. I just hope these global plans don’t screw up the two bright stars in GM’s portfolio Opel and Holden.

When I think about vehicles that are unapologetic, individualistic, ambitious, and powerful with an writing activity, unmistakable swagger I do not think about the SRX, 3.0L CTS, or XTS. I hate Apple and I hate power-point. I shudder to think of multi, a world where every single manufacturer from toothpaste to automobiles is trying to emulate Apple’s business model. I shudder to think of a world where every single manufacturer from toothpaste to automobiles is trying to emulate Apple’s business model. GM did not claim that they were aspiring to emulate Apple’s business model. The GM presentation refers to Apple’s branding, not the worksheets, business model. GM is still controlled by MBAs. What do these incompetents think…Reality is for Chumps. They will continue to try to manipulate people out of their money so nothing has really changed.

Out of curiosity, could anyone tell me what that thing with the sideline kink above the research, rear door handle that they are building on slide 25 of the PDF is called? Thank you in advance! Lost in this discussion is the observation that young people, generally speaking, are more interested in personal electronics (computers, phones, games) than they are in cars. Many people posting here (including me) are excited by cars and creative writing activity worksheets, find computers, etc to be appliances. People under 30 years old find electronics exciting and cars to be appliances. I think GM is examples of research, trying to writing worksheets, channel that youthful excitement but doesn’t see the bigger picture. People under 30 find cars exciting, too, but they need to be exciting cars, and they need to lit and coursework, be affordable to writing activity, someone under 30 (in this economy!).

This is tricky for anyone but a used car dealer. Slide 47 of 66: The United States is referred to research analysis, as the “Untied” States. Why should we give them faith in their products when they don’t even proofread their own PowerPoint creations? So which brand of automobile out there really is the most like Apple in activity terms of analysis, branding? Tesla? Lotus?

This isn’t about who makes cars that most resemble ipods stylistically (that would probably be Toyota – when was the writing, last time you saw a Camry that wasn’t white or silver?), but that their products are instantly recognizable as appealing to pakistan essay, someone who wants functionality with a little flair. My vote goes to Mazda for the non-luxury category. Speaking of activity, computer Holy Wars. I was a “Sysop” in those days. That’s what the moderators of a “BBS” were called. The feuds between “Windoze” and “F*intosh” and save, OS/2 caught in-between (I forgot what name that was called) became so bad that people poured acid over cars. Serious death threats were made. We had a secret meeting of sysops of warring BBS and agreed to ban everybody who just mentioned these things. The feuds continued, but on a more civilized level. You must be logged in to creative writing worksheets, post a comment.

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a goal in life essay student you must always try the best of your ability to conquer and complete each task. Creative Writing? “Nothing is paper on water analysis, given and everything is fought for in this world” these are some of the words that I will always have on my mind while I face a new life as an independent human with ambitious thoughts of a better life. Whenever I see or hear the word college I get a feeling of excitement and a feeling of frustration. After I graduate high school I would like to see myself attending a prestigious university where people. Some of my major accomplishments were becoming an online business owner of three sites and creative activity worksheets, a versatile online marketer. Of Research? The success of these accomplishments developed from creative, my will to change. I was able to have a large amount of continual passive income every month “to put on the table” and the potential of the Internet to do just that.

After over a year of trials and of research in education, errors trying to establish an online presence, I finally got the break I have been looking for. Creative Writing Activity? In 2007 - 2008 I officially became. Essay about My Goals for the Future. I rather be a master of on than a jack of dissertation 3, all trades. Taking care of activity, others is one of my deepest passions. And two more future goals of mine are owning my own resturant or grill and marrying the essay, man of my dreams and becoming the best wife, step mom, nurse and business owner I can possibly be, and with God Center of My life I know I can reach these goals. I want to be as much like the proverbs 31 woman that I can. ( An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is writing activity, far above jewels. The heart of. Essay on My Career Goals As An Artist. gaining some knowledge and lang coursework, understanding, I see myself building my own animation studio in collaboration with my other colleagues.

Afterward, in ten years while succeeded in running my own studio, I also planning to keep I teach. I want to share my knowledge of the industry to the next generation so that they can express their imagination and entertain people. Marketplace: Who is writing, your competition? The animation industry in save essay, my country has starting to develop recently. Writing Activity Worksheets? There are many artists. Strayer University to this point has full filled all of my expectations that I have been looking for in a College. After I have complete my degree I eventually hope to a level english lang fulfill my childhood goal and open a business. My goal is to open either a restaurant or a bar and grill.

I believe that owning my own business will give the best job satisfaction that any job could ever give me. It has taken me many years to realize that you can only fail in life if you allow yourself too. Anything you put your mind. this point in my life from age five to seven years old, my dad has signed me up for different leagues such as mini mites. Writing Activity Worksheets? Mini mites, is one of the first leagues you participate in and I remember it as being a blast. It was fun as I began to meet new hockey players, which I know to this day.

Some friends I began to play with throughout my hockey years. Mini mites weren’t my strong leagues, as it wasn’t many. Squirts were the next league I was involved with. This time in my life was when I started. My parents are open-minded, which make me more comfortable when talking to them. I have a great listener mother, a knowledgeable father and a boost-mood sister. They endorse me with huge care and love, which I am thankful for.

In short, I don’t care how poor a man is; if he has a family, he is rich. Also, I expect my family to stay next to me in my highs and lows, and to never leave me, it's the only thing I need. On the other hand, they expect me to become a brilliant doctor, which I hopefully. The Doctor of Nursing Practice Will Enhance My Professional Goals. people, these are the life stories and experiences that is pushing me to seek the Doctor of Nursing Practice and looking forward to serve high quality compassionate nursing care. The community clinics, the elderly in nursing homes, and a level lit and, providing health care in rural America and remote villages in third world country, will be ideal practice settings for me I was also inspired by my mother who is a missionary trained nurse in Cameroon. When I graduated from writing activity, high school, my goal was to become a nurse. Multi Paragraph Essay? Aspirations to Achieve my Educational Goals Essay. While working as a waitress, I asked everyone what they thought I should be. Writing Activity? I didn't know what I wanted to be and did not want to walk aimlessly through life without a goal or plan to 3 aspire to. My general manager at the time told me, you should major in creative, accounting, because the money is of research, good and you will always have a job. This advice seemed rational at the time, so I decided to major in accounting and creative writing, started taking appropriate courses at LBCC.

I then left the restaurant industry to pakistan work as an. My dad is activity worksheets, always determined to push my sisters and me to do our best. He taught us that school comes first and that without it we’ll go no where. If we don’t have A’s and write dissertation chapter 3, B’s we lose our phone, car and creative writing activity, we are grounded till we get our grades up. Also my dad would give us a dollar for every hundred we got on a test; which pushed us to do our best because that and chores were the only way to make money and who wants to do chores? Lastly, he was determined to teach us that friends come and go but family. A Flight That Changed My Life Essay.

person who didn’t know much about English language, the save essay, beginning of activity, my school was liked a loss in lit and lang, the Amazon forest. I had turned myself from a non-speaking English to a person who can speak and writing, understand most of the English. A few years later, my life had changed days by days, and english lang coursework, I had adapted to a new living environment. That flight had changed me to a better person with a magnificent future. Living in creative activity, the U.S, I was almost lost my motivation because of people I used to essay persuasive hang out with. However, I. Creative Activity Worksheets? I want to help many people out there who require blood. There are thousand out there who are thalesmia patients .Thinking of it my body is raffi yessayan, able to make blood for my requirement but their body isn’t efficient in making the blood as per worksheets, they requirement so why not help them. Not only examples of research proposals them these days we have so many accidents taking place where often patients lose a lot of blood which is the writing activity worksheets, reason of their death.

It’s like investing surplus funds into save essay companies or banks gaining returns. Now I know. 14). Wherever she goes, frustration is all she has in her life. From the first line of creative worksheets, Push, Precious Jones shows her resentment against her childhood, the “incest” of her father to a level lit and whom she has been a recurring victim. Her father, who came to her in the night, had “pushed” her backside and lobbed his fetid “pee-pee” in her mouth, then at last in her vagina. This has gone on for years.

Her mother does not guard her from creative writing activity worksheets, him, but rather yells at her saying odd things (and hitting her as well) We didnt tell family until Christmas Day. Most of my family was happy for me, but some of research on water analysis, them were a little doubtful that I would stop the nonsense I had gotten myself into. And indeed I did. I moved back home with my parents, and I started my life all over again. I was a brand new person, and in less then 8 months, my life was going to change even more. On August 9, 2006 my son was born. He was the most beautiful baby boy I had even layed eyes on. He was so special, and he had to be sent from. My Goal to be a High School Educator and Principal Essay.

effectively my communication skills are top notch and I love learning and using technology skills to benefit those around me. I am interested in being a visible principal, one who stays out activity of the office and walks through classrooms and hallways everyday. Using teacher input to paragraph essay make the appropriate changes while working in a team to achieve school wide goals is creative worksheets, my dream. Of Research Proposals? I am concerned with understanding data and being able to achieve a school wide goal that will be liked and adhered by all. My age is. Essay on My Goal Is to Become an Software Engineer. topics associated with Chemistry have really caught my interest, and I know we will be doing Chemistry this year. Middle School – Objectives for Goal One • • • • Be sure to ask questions and seek help when I am having a difficult time understanding the creative writing activity worksheets, topic. Try not to procrastinate on long-term assignments. Put effort into studying far in advance for on water analysis quizzes and tests. Form study groups when preparing for quizzes and tests.

Middle School – How Goal One will be measured • The grade I earn at the end. seat in creative writing, her car seat. Ten minutes later we arrive at the grocery store; the next task is getting her out of the car without waking her up. I hate waking a sleeping baby. By eleven o’clock, we are back home and the television is on. This time it’s my choice; I turn on discovery health. A Level English Lit And Coursework? The volume is on low and I enjoy a few minutes sitting down and creative writing, nursing the baby to sleep while learning about gastroenterology. Once the baby is napping, I’m off to the kitchen to start lunch. I normally have salad. when I hear songs now from multi, when I was an worksheets adolescent because they bring back many memories. I also think its funny how kids now are listening to paragraph persuasive that music and writing worksheets, call it “old school music” because it’s not old school to me. Since I had a tape player in of research, my car we also would sometimes listen to oldies, like 50s-60s music.

It was pretty funny to hear how it sounded in a car with bass. As I got older, I actually started listening to country music more and started taking an interest in that music genre. Writing Worksheets? Its 8:15 and I have the long walk of approximately twenty metres to get to my bus stop, also known as a video shop. As I walk my shoe's make a loud sound like a horse walking. After five minutes of talking about girls and research analysis, music the 'Red Submarine' bus arrives. Yet again we have the same cheery driver with a chin ring, six earrings and creative, a nose stud. All eighteen of us at the bus stop run onto the bus like a herd of galloping rhinos. I jump onto a seat with Sean and Adam near. never tempted to address him directly over messaging. Filled with the fear of rejection probably kept me from write dissertation chapter, doing so. Remembering the bad times I had with my family wasn’t as easy as remembering the good.

Most people don’t want to, but those are the memories that I remember the most. I remember playing on creative writing worksheets, a bed with my brother LaFontae and my sisters Kiosha and Ma’Janae. For some reason there was a glass table below us and we had all seemed to ignore the sight of it. Lit And? Advice for creative worksheets the future, “DON’T. Needless to say, philosophers everywhere can rejoice as they have plenty of time to ponder the nature of the universe before string theory can confirm it. I never considered myself a philosopher before taking a philosophy class, but now I do because of raffi yessayan, my deep passion for creative discovering the unknown wisdom and knowledge this universe is so cleverly hiding. Metaphysics Without knowing, metaphysics has been something I’ve been deeply interested in multi persuasive, all along.

Metaphysics deals with two types of inquiries: My Goal of activity worksheets, Becoming an Army First Sergeant Essay. arranged in save, a way in which one action, or lack thereof, will lead us to creative writing worksheets another. The steps to becoming a First Sergeant are provided in the following chain argument: If I don’t complete the Army’s Senior Leaders Course my military records will not be reviewed by the promotion board. If my records are not reviewed by the promotion board I will not be on the promotion eligibility list. Raffi Yessayan Author? If I am not on the promotion eligibility list I will not be promoted to the rank of First Sergeant. Therefore, if I. Worksheets? My Life Changing Experience Essay.

I broke down, hugged him, and examples of research proposals in education, cried. All he said to me was, “It’s ok. She’s in a better place now.” I went back to my seat, and when the preacher was preaching I saw a single tear run down my grandpa’s face, and it’s the only time I’ve ever seen him cry. The way this changed my outlook on life was major. I’ve never been so devastated in my life. I learned that no matter who you are, bad things happen to you, and no one is invincible. Death is real, but it had never hit me so hard. I’ve learned. The Benefits of Basketball in My Life Essay. through exercises that reduce tension that accumulates in the muscles.

It offered an enjoyable and creative writing activity worksheets, satisfying way to develop my talent. Doing something that I had always wanted to do and adding personal effort to write dissertation chapter it had brought out the best in me. Doing something well makes me feel good about myself, but importantly, it teaches me the process of how to improve on my skills and activity, work efficiently. On Water? Evidently, team sports are done with other people. Therefore, basketball is a social activity. I. Creative Writing? The Retreat that Changed My Life Essays. drifted into consciousness. Tomorrow I’ll be on my way home. These two days will just be a drop of water in the pool of time.

I tried to console myself. The day was to be spent at the gorge. I mildly desired to see what a gorge was as I had no idea. I also heard we were to hike around, which I love to do, so I started looking forward to the day. Dissertation 3? I was surprised to get the subtle feelings of wanting to be in this place away from all my comforts. I grabbed my camera and headed towards the door… towards. The Moment That Changed My Life Essay. patience. This gave me some hope that my father was in good hands. Minutes seemed like hours until the doctor entered.

Before he had both feet in the room, my mother began to worksheets scream for explanations. “Take a seat” Then every sentence that a son and wife fears to hear. Examples In Education? “Your father is in creative activity, critical condition, he has no longer than a couple of hours to live.” A cold chill of death sent shivers down my spine. Keeping myself from save essay, exploding into tears, I began ensuring my mother and younger brother that everything. Creative Activity? Essay on Economics and My Daily Life. Our parents offer us dessert if we eat all our dinner; our bosses offer us a bonus if we meet our quarterly goal. We even feel obligated to save pakistan essay provide incentives to activity our friends and family. My sister needed a ride to work for a few days, and so she gave me a gift card for a manicure. I asked my good friend to dog-sit for me, and essay, I took her dinner and a movie to say thank-you.

We also get incentives on writing worksheets, the economic side. I receive coupons on a daily basis from businesses. I consider these incentives. captain, you still must have some kind of leadership ability. Write Dissertation Chapter 3? It is best for the team if you do your best to help lead teammates on and off the field in writing, every situation possible. I believe that I took this idea and brought it into everyday life rather than just with my team. A study done by Robert P. Dobosz and Lee A. Beaty, both of the Counselor Education Program at chapter 3 Northeastern Illinois University, The relationship between athletic participation and high school students' leadership ability, shows. The Life of my Dog Precious Essay. returned home from worksheets, school all my carpet was dug up and my curtains were torn down. My mom was really pissed. We also had to put a brand new heating and air conditioning unit in my aunt and uncle’s house because Precious chewed their old one up trying to get out of their basement.

A few years down the road, Precious finally had gotten out of a level english lit and coursework, chewing things up, but never overcame her fear of being locked up by creative, herself. The summer before my seventh grade year, my family went on vacation. the art of chapter, challenge of mind with me. Creative Activity? There was no boredom around grandfather. He provided constant challenges! In my childhood I liked my grandparents because they always supported me when I was in examples, trouble and creative writing activity, wherever papa went, he would always take me with him. My grandparents were like a friends to me. A I mentioned before about my grandparents they are my everything because they raised me when I was little. And they gave me some good childhood memories and research on water analysis, good manners. Essay on creative writing worksheets, My Life Playing Basketball. I started relaxing and having fun.

After my first day when I practiced for some time, I began to raffi author realize that participating in basketball was helpful socially, mentally, and most importantly, physically. Writing Activity? My Participation in basketball was socially uplifting. One way that it helped me socially, was to change my reaction to multi persuasive meeting new people. When I first started playing, I was always the shy guy in the corner. After years of playing, I have come out of my shell. With a single basketball there were. Creative Activity? through the media. One example of this is the stock market. The public can be informed and make purchases depending on lit and lang coursework, what the creative writing activity worksheets, media is portraying about the different types of paragraph essay persuasive, stock within the market. In conclusion, media plays a big role in my life from the time I wake up every morning till I fall asleep at night.

Media has a huge impact on every ones everyday lives. The different types of media such as television, the radio, and social networking have a great influence over writing activity, our perception of. Essay on raffi yessayan, The Worst Day of My Life. All my desires and wishes were fulfilled and I was in a state of happiness every single second. One morning as I descended the flight of stairs after waving goodbye to my husband who was going to work, a thought crossed my mind. I thought of his laughter when he said that I look like a huge pumpkin. I remembered my first responses from activity, my child. However, I did not realize that the dissertation chapter 3, maid mopped the floor and it was slippery. Creative Activity Worksheets? Day-dreaming, I missed one step and this was the chapter 3, end. Creative Activity? I blacked-out.

The Best Experience of My Life Essay. Raffi Yessayan? me and my sister ordered a gigantic hamburger, my mom and creative writing activity, dad fish, and examples proposals in education, my cousin and his wife chicken. When we finish we were all very satisfied and we headed for a little fun. We saw some lights in the far end and we followed them. We arrived at creative writing a show it was called the research paper on water, electrical parade and it was really cool. So we went down there last summer and it was a big vacation for creative writing activity worksheets all of us. I know it was more of an research on water children’s vacation which but it was very fun and we all loved.

In my opinion. He completely cut himself off from any kind of family interactions. Bobby’s behavior is an example of children’s reaction of cumulative stress. Creative Writing Activity? His future life and behavior prove that he was seeing his family as a temporary hardship and raffi, he could not wait to the day when he could leave his childhood behind. In very next scenes we see Bob thirty years later. Writing Activity? He changed his name into Bob Jones and multi paragraph essay persuasive, he is creative writing activity worksheets, very successful businessman in one of Los Angeles public relations firm. He is happily married. My Life Story and raffi yessayan, Experiences Essay. In the mist of creative, all my traveling up and down the east coast, I managed to stay active.

Before I reached the paper analysis, second grade, I was already involved in writing activity, ballet, as well as other dance genres, and basketball. Every Christmas I participated in the performance of “The Chocolate Nutcracker” down in Florida. Starting in fourth grade I discontinued dancing and involved myself in cheer-leading as a flyer. Besides playing sports, I was a highly active writer. Growing up writing was my passion: from examples of research proposals, short stories. After listening to my friends, I soon realized that I was not happy in college and I wanted to be out in the working world and making money. I talked to my dad about creative writing quitting college and he told me that if I quit I would have to find a full-time job that would provide me with insurance because he could no longer keep me on his employer’s health coverage if I did not attend college full-time. At that time I remember being very happy with my dad’s answer and I started looking for that full-time. on both sides. The truck is facing sideways but is going forward, just like drift car racers. I do my best to get the truck back onto the road but the grass was wet from the rain the night before and pakistan, I couldn’t grab any traction.

The trees are on Madison’s side of the truck and I remember thinking “Why did I let her ride up front?” As the truck began to hit the activity, trees I did my best to paper protect my daughter from the creative writing activity worksheets, large branches. The truck hits one massive branch that spins the truck around and. The Day That Changed My Life Essay. The lady looked at me in disbelief and raffi author, said “Leave, who cares that you signed in. Writing Activity? You need to go to the hospital”. My friend and I looked at one another and then quickly scurried out to my Jeep and jumped in. My friend thought she should drive but did not know how to drive a stick-shift. I figured it was probably a much better idea if I drove and save pakistan, assured her I was not in creative writing worksheets, any pain and I was fine to drive. I swiftly sped off not really having the next destination in mind but knowing I had towards the.

Essay on The Life of my Puppy, Gingerale. him, they even asked me if I wanted him. Of course I did, but no matter how much I beg my dad, he still said no. At least he was able to roam free in the compound. If I clapped my hands, he’d appear out of the bushes to greet me. Whenever I practiced my flute, he’d sprint over to my garden, and listen to me play, wagging his tail to research paper on water the beat of my music.

It was about one month later when a name popped into my head. “Gingerale!” I whispered enthusiastically, he just tilted his head to the side, and. To my dismay my mother refused to let me watch television until all my siblings were finished with their homework too. It was too cold to play outside, and I had nothing to do inside. I sat in the living room staring at the blank television screen, hoping, just hoping that my mother would change her mind. My plan wasn’t working, as she was too busy cooking to notice my defiant act. That’s when I looked down at the shelf where the videocassettes were kept. Creative Writing Activity? There it was, like a shadow always haunting. Essay on The Worst Day Of My Life. remember calling my mom who lived in Austin at the time and raffi yessayan, I was so historical she could not even understand me and did not realize I was telling her that I think your grandson just cut off his had and she was like ok well call me when you know more and I hope things are ok, again I lost it and writing activity, I started yelling, screaming and multi essay, cursing at her because she was not getting what I was saying and I remember Kestan saying” Mom quit yelling at activity worksheets Mamoo” I just looked at him and started crying then my mom got it. there. After a long stretch of road, we were thirty and hungry, but when coming all of us felt comfortable with the beautiful landscapes there, we didn’t feel thirty and analysis, hungry. Creative Activity? Some of my friends ran around. Others lied down the grass cover and enjoyed the green sky.

I came to examples of research proposals the lakeshore and cried aloud. One of my friends brought a guitar. Creative Activity Worksheets? He played’ the life’s student’. The air became exciting, we sang and clapped hands following his guitar. We were funny and raffi yessayan author, happy. Then some boys began to camp. most oblivious tourists. There is something there so utterly un-American (not, I should note, anti-American. Unlike many of my friends in London, I never felt shy for my corn-fed, tooth-braced blondness) that it might not defy description, at least not for a better writer.

It exists, for example, in words. Creative Writing? Despite what appeared to me as the transparency of a shared language, my conversations with Irish acquaintances were at first hesitant, stilted, as though things were lost in examples proposals, translation. Dubliners. Og Mandino (for the Rest of My Life) Essay. To endure at my chosen work even after others have ceased their labor, for now I know that the creative writing activity, angel of happiness and the pot of gold awaits me only at the end of the extra mile that still lies ahead. For the chapter 3, rest of my live this very special day, God help me . . . Creative Activity Worksheets? To set goals to research on water be accomplished before the day gas ended, for creative activity worksheets now I know that to drift aimlessly form one hour to the next leaves me with only one destination, the port of misery. Write 3? To realize that no path to success is activity, too long if I. The Teacher Who Changed My Life Essay. changed things for me. It’s not just me she does so much for though. She wants to make an impact on every student’s life. She tries so hard to reach her students. To connect with them on a level that’s not quite so superficial.

She seems to really care about her students, their achievements, and their goals in life. Research On Water? She has taught so many lessons over the years, not just of Spanish but of life too. Mrs. Davis wants us to creative writing activity worksheets understand there are things out raffi yessayan there past everyday school rules we are going to have. My daughter Changed my Life: Birth and Adoption Essay. sake of the child and stop being selfish. I never had a doubt in my mind that adoption was the path I wanted to follow. Since I was young I have wanted my children to have the best financial and moral support, to be educated musically, and to have the balance of creative activity, having both a father and paper on water, mother figures in life because I didn’t. I knew that I couldn't handle being a mother at the moment mentally and I knew I wanted to give the gift of life to a family that couldn't have a baby. It was hard having people. Essay about How My Experience with Poverty in China Changed My Life. did find a way to help. For half a month, I lived the creative activity worksheets, life of research on water, a farmer.

It was a truly traumatizing experience for me. Creative Writing Activity Worksheets? Every day I woke up an hour before sunrise to multi begin work. My back would begin to hurt even before the first rays of the sun splashed onto the Earth. I would stand in the muddy fields for hours, planting rice that will be consumed in a miniscule fraction of the time it took to harvest. The work consumed all my time and energy. There was no extra time to watch television or. Essay on 3 Most Important Things in My Life. figured out the creative writing worksheets, three most important things in my life.

I believe that is important that all of us one day think about pakistan essay this deeply. Creative Writing Activity Worksheets? Material things will end up in a landfill or a junkyard. Multi Essay? It’s the important things in writing activity worksheets, life that last forever The three things that are most important to examples proposals are my family, basketball, and most importantly, being remembered for writing activity something great. Presently, my family is the most important part of my life. Besides, I know my family will always be there for me and give me guidance. The Most Formative Experience in My Life Essay. needed some time off to think over my future.

Meanwhile I started working for the first time .Although I was giving myself time to think about what I wanted to do next in my life, I was also working because a big part of me wanted to feel needed and save essay, useful. After 8 months of working I made up my mind and knew I wanted to writing worksheets drop out of architecture to proposals in education start studying English. By the time I made my choice, I had learned different values and I was more comfortable in my skin. Also during the writing activity worksheets, 8 month thinking.

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essay devotion Devotion to Our Blessed Lady in its ultimate analysis must be regarded as a practical application of the doctrine of the Communion of creative, Saints. Seeing that this doctrine is not contained, at least explicitly in the earlier forms of the Apostles' Creed, there is perhaps no ground for surprise if we do not meet with any clear traces of the cultus of the Blessed Virgin in the first Christian centuries. The earliest unmistakable examples of the worship—we use the word of course in relative sense of the saints is connected with the veneration paid to multi paragraph essay the martyrs who gave their lives for the Faith. From the first century onwards, martyrdom was regarded as the activity surest sign of election.

The martyrs, it was held, passed immediately into the presence of God. Over their tombs the Holy Sacrifice was offered (a practice which may possibly be alluded to in Revelations 6:9) while in the contemporary narrative of the martyrdom of persuasive, St. Polycarp (c. 151) we have already mention of the activity worksheets birthday, i.e. the annual commemoration, which the Christians might be expected to keep in his honour. This attitude of mind becomes still more explicit in save pakistan, Tertullian and St.

Cyprian, and the stress laid upon the satisfactory character of the sufferings of the martyrs, emphasizing the view that by their death they could obtain graces and blessings for others, naturally and immediately led to their direct invocation. A further reinforcement, of the same idea, was derived from the cult of the angels, which, while pre-Christian in its origin, was heartily embraced by creative activity worksheets, the faithful of the sub-Apostolic age. It seems to have been only as a sequel of of research in education, some such development that men turned to implore the activity intercession of the Blessed Virgin. This at least is the common opinion among scholars, though it would perhaps be dangerous to speak too positively. Evidence regarding the popular practice of the examples in education early centuries is almost entirely lacking, and while on the one hand the faith of creative activity, Christians no doubt took shape from above downwards (i.e. the Apostles and teachers of the Church delivered a message which the laity accepted from them with all docility) still indications are not lacking that in matters of sentiment and devotion the reverse process sometimes obtained. Hence, it is not impossible that the practice of invoking the aid of the paper analysis Mother of creative writing worksheets, Christ had become more familiar to the more simple faithful some time before we discover any plain expression of it in the writings of the on water Fathers. Some such hypothesis would help to explain the writing worksheets fact that the evidence afforded by the catacombs and by save, the apocryphal literature of the early centuries seems chronologically in advance of that which is preserved in the contemporaneous writings of those who were the authoritative mouthpieces of Christian tradition. Be this however as it may, the firm theological basis, upon which was afterwards reared the edifice of creative worksheets, Marian devotion, began to be laid in the first century of our era.

It is not without significance that we are told of the Apostles after the Ascension of save pakistan essay, Christ, that all these were persevering with one mind in prayer with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren (Acts 1:14). Also attention has rightly been called to the fact that St. Mark, though he tells us nothing of our Christ's childhood, nevertheless describes Him as the son of Mary (Mark 6:3), a circumstance which, in view of certain known peculiarities of the Second Evangelist, greatly emphasises his belief in the Virgin Birth. Creative Writing Worksheets? The same mystery is insisted upon by St. Ignatius of Antioch, who, after describing Jesus as Son of paragraph essay, Mary and Son of God, goes on to tell the Ephesians (7, 18, and 19) that our God, Jesus Christ, was conceived in the womb of Mary according to a dispensation of the seed of David but also of the Holy Ghost, and he adds: Hidden from the prince of this world were the virginity of Mary and creative writing activity her childbearing and likewise also the death of the Lord—three mysteries to be cried aloud. Aristides and St.

Justin also use explicit language concerning the Virgin Birth, but it is St. Irenaeus more especially who has deserved to be called the first theologian of the Virgin Mother. Thus he has drawn out the parallel between Eve and Mary, urging that, as the former was led astray by lang, an angel's discourse to writing activity worksheets fly from God after transgressing His word, so the latter by an angel's discourse had the Gospel preached unto her that she might bear God, obeying His word. And if the former had disobeyed God, yet the other was persuaded to obey God: that the write dissertation Virgin Mary might become an creative writing advocate for raffi author, the virgin Eve. And as mankind was bound unto death through a virgin, it is creative writing activity worksheets saved a through virgin; by the obedience of a virgin the 3 disobedience of writing worksheets, a virgin is compensated (Irenaeus, V, 19). No one again disputes that the raffi author clause born of the Virgin Mary formed part of the writing activity primitive redaction of the Creed, and the language of Tertullian, Hippolytus, Origen, etc., is in thorough conformity with that of Irenaeus; further, though writers like Tertullian, Hevidius, and possibly Hegesippus disputed the perpetual virginity of Mary, their more orthodox contemporaries affirmed it. It was natural then that in this atmosphere we should find a continually developing veneration for the sanctity and english lit and lang exalted privileges of Mary.

In the paintings of the catacombs more particularly, we appreciate the exceptional position that she began, from an early period, to occupy in the thoughts of the faithful. Some of these frescoes, representing the prophecy of writing worksheets, Isaias, are believed to date from the first half of the second century. Three others which represent the adoration of the a level english lit and lang coursework Magi are a century later. There is also a remarkable but very much mutilated bas-relief, found at Carthage, which may be probably assigned to the time of Constantine. More startling is the worksheets evidence of certain apocryphal writings, notably that of the so-called Gospel of St. James, or Protevangelion. The earlier portion of this, which evinces a deep veneration for the purity and sanctity of the Blessed Virgin, and multi which affirms her virginity in partu et post partum, is generally considered to be a work of the second century. Similarly, certain interpolated passages found in the Sibylline Oracles, passages which probably date from the third century, show an equal preoccupation with the dominant role played by the Blessed Virgin in the work of redemption (see especially II, 311-12, and creative writing worksheets VIII, 357-479). The first of these passages apparently assigns to thc intercession of the Holy Virgin the obtaining of the boon of seven days of eternity that men may find time for repentance (cf. the Fourth Book of Esdras, vii, 28-33). Further, it is quite likely that the on water analysis mention of the Blessed Virgin in the intercessions of the diptychs of the creative activity liturgy goes back to the days before the research Council of Nicaea, but we have no definite evidence upon the point, and the same must be said of any form of direct invocation, even for purposes of private devotion. The Age of the Fathers.

The existence of the obscure sect of the worksheets Collyridians, whom St. Epiphanius (d. 403) denounces for their sacrificial offering of cakes to Mary, may fairly be held to prove that even before the Council of Ephesus there was a popular veneration for the Virgin Mother which threatened to run extravagant lengths. Hence Epiphanius laid down the rule: Let Mary be held in honour. Let the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost be adored, but let no one adore Mary (ten Marian medeis prosknueito). Write Chapter? Nonetheless the same Epiphanius abounds in creative writing, the praises of the Virgin Mother, and he believed that there was some mysterious dispensation with regard to her death implied in paper, the words of Revelations 12:14: And there were given to the woman two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the desert unto her place.

Certain it is, in creative, any case, that such Fathers as St. Ambrose and St. Jerome, partly inspired with admiration for the ascetic ideals of a life of write, virginity and partly groping their way to a clearer understanding of all that was involved in activity, the mystery of the Incarnation, began to write 3 speak of the Blessed Virgin as the model of all virtue and the ideal of sinlessness. Several striking passages of this kind have been collected. • In heaven, St. Ambrose tells us, she leads the choirs of virgin souls; with her the consecrated virgins will one day be numbered. • St.

Jerome (Ep. xxxix, Migne, P. L., XXII, 472) already foreshadows that conception of Mary as mother of the human race which was to animate so powerfully the devotion of creative worksheets, a later age. • St. Augustine in a famous passage (De nat. et gratis, 36) proclaims Mary's unique privilege of lang coursework, sinlessness. • In St.Gregory of Nazianzen's sermon on the martyr St. Cyprian (P.G., XXXV, 1181) we have an account of the maiden Justina, who invoked the Blessed Virgin to activity worksheets preserve her virginity. But in this, as in some other devotional aspects of early Christian beliefs, the most glowing language seems to be found in the East, and particularly in the Syrian writings of St. Ephraem.

It is true that we cannot entirely trust the authenticity of many of the poems attributed to him; the tone, however, of some of the most unquestioned of Ephraem's compositions is still very remarkable. • Thus in the hymns on raffi yessayan author the Nativity (6) we read: Blessed be Mary, who without vows and without prayer in her virginity conceived and brought forth the Lord of all the sons of her companions, who have been or shall be chaste or righteous, priests and kings. Who else lulled a son in her bosom as Mary did? Who ever dared to call her son, Son of the activity Maker, Son of the Creator, Son of the Most High? • Similarly in Hymns 11 and essay 12 of the same series, Ephraem represents Mary as soliloquizing thus: The babe that I carry carries me, and He hath lowered His wings and taken and placed me between His pinions and mounted into the air, and a promise has been given me that height and depth shall be my Son's etc. This last passage seems to suggest a belief, like that of St. Epiphanius already referred to, that the holy remains of the Virgin Mother were in some miraculous way translated from earth. The fully-developed apocryphal narrative of the creative worksheets Falling asleep of Mary probably belongs to examples proposals a slightly later period, but it seems in this way to be anticipated in the writings of Eastern Fathers of recognized authority. How far the belief in the Assumption which became generally prevalent in the course of a few centuries, was independent of or influenced by the apocryphal Transitus Mariae, which is creative writing activity worksheets included by essay persuasive, Pope Gelasius in activity worksheets, his list of condemned apocrypha, is a difficult question.

It seems likely that some germ of popular tradition preceded the invention of the extravagant details of the narrative itself. In any case, the evidence of the Syriac manuscripts proved beyond all question that in the East before the end of the sixth century, and dissertation chapter probably very much earlier, devotion to the Blessed Virgin had assumed all those developments which are usually associated with the later Middle Ages. Writing Activity? In some manuscripts of the Transitus Mariae—dating from the late fifth century—we find mention of three annual feasts of the Blessed Virgin: • one two days after the feast of the Nativity, • another on the 15th day of Iyar, corresponding more or less to chapter 3 May, and. • a third on the 13th (or 15th) day of Ab (roughly August), which probably is the creative worksheets origin of our present feast of the Assumption. Moreover, the same apocryphal relation contains an account of the Blessed Virgin's miracles, purporting to have been forwarded from the Christians of Rome, and closely resembling the Marienlegenden of the Middle Ages. For example we read:

Often here in Rome she appears to the people who confess her in prayer, for she has appeared here on the sea when it was troubled and dissertation raised itself and was going to destroy the creative ship in which they were sailing. And the sailors called on the name of the on water analysis Lady Mary and said: 'O Lady Mary, Mother of God, have mercy on us,' and straightway she rose upon them like the sun and delivered the ships, ninety-two of them, and rescued them from destruction, and none of them perished. And again we are told: She appeared by day on the mountain where robbers had fallen upon people and sought to slay them. Creative Writing? And these people cried out saying: 'O Lady Mary Mother of God, have mercy on us.' And she appeared before them like a flash of write, lightning, and blinded the eyes of the robbers and they were not seen by them (ib., 49). Of course the wild extravagance of this apocryphal literature cannot be questioned. It is all pure invention and a comparison of the various texts of the Transitus shows that this treatise in creative writing worksheets, particular was continually being modified and proposals added to in its various translations, so that we cannot be at all sure that the activity worksheets Liber qui appellatur transitus, id est Assumptio, Sanctae Mariae apochryphus, condemned by Pope Gelasius in 494, was identical with the Syriac version just cited. But it is highly probable that this same Syriac version was then in existence, and apocryphal as the text may be, it undoubtedly testifies to the state of mind of at least the less instructed Christians of that period. Neither is it likely that feasts would be spoken of and ascribed to the institutions of the Apostles themselves if no such commemoration existed in the locality in which this fictitious narrative was so widely popular.

In point of fact, scholars give good reason for believing that a feast described as mneme tes hagias Oeotokou kai aeikarthenou Marias was ceIebrated at Antioch as early as the examples of research year 370, while from the circumstance that it was connected with the Epiphany we may probably identify it with the first of the feasts referred to in the Syriac Transitus. There is also confirmatory evidence for such a feast to be found in the hymns of Balai, a Syriac writer of the beginning of the fifth century; for not only does this writer use the most glowing language about Our Lady, but he speaks in such terms as these: Praise to Thee Lord upon the memorial feast of Thy Mother (Poem 4, p. 14, and Poem 6, p. 15). Another clear testimony is that of worksheets, St. Proclus, who died Patriarch of Constantinople, and who in 429 preached a sermon in that city, at which Nestorius was present, beginning with the words The Virgin's festival (parthenike panegyris) incites our tongue today to herald her praise. In this, we may further note, he describes Mary as handmaid and Mother, Virgin and paragraph heaven, the only bridge of God to men, the awful loom of the Incarnation, in which by some unspeakable way the garment of that union was woven, whereof the weaver is the creative writing worksheets Holy Ghost; and the spinner the overshadowing from on high; the wool the ancient fleece of Adam; the woof the undefiled flesh from the write dissertation chapter virgin, the weaver's shuttle the immense grace of Him who brought it about; the artificer the Word gliding through the hearing (P.G., LXV, 681). This discourse illustrates in a remarkable degree how the controversies which bore fruit in the canons of Ephesus and the title theotokos had led to a deeper understanding of the part of the Blessed Virgin in the work of Redemption. Turning to another Eastern land, we find a very remarkable monument of writing activity, Marian devotion among the Coptic Ostraca (p. 3), dated to about A. D. 600. This fragment bears in Greek the english lang words: Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, because thou didst conceive Christ, the Son of God, the Redeemer of our souls. Writing Worksheets? This oriental variant of the Ave Maria was apparently intended for save pakistan, liturgical use, much as the earliest form of the Hail Mary in the West took the creative activity shape of an antiphon employed in a level english lang coursework, the Mass and Office of the Blessed Virgin.

Relatively late as this fragment may seem, it is the creative more valuable because the direct mention of the Blessed Virgin in our earliest liturgical form is save of rare occurrence. None such, for example, is found in the prayer-book of Serapion, or in the liturgy of the Apostolic Constitutions, or in the fragments of the Canon of the Mass preserved to us in the Ambrosian treatise De Sacramentis. Certain Syriac hymns by Cyrillon as (c. 400) and creative writing activity especially by Rabnlas of Edessa (d. 435) speak of Mary in terms of warm devotion; but as in the case of St. Ephraem there is a certain element of uncertainty regarding the author authorship of these compositions. On the other hand the activity dedication of many early churches undoubtedly afford an indication of the authoritative recognition at examples of research, this period extended to the cultus of the Blessed Virgin. Creative Writing Activity Worksheets? Already at the beginning of the a level lang fifth century St. Cyril wrote: Hail to thee Mary, Mother of God, to whom in towns and villages and in island were founded churches of true believers (P.G., LXXVII, 1034). The Church of creative writing, Ephesus, in which in research, 431 the Ecumenical Council assembled, was itself dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. Creative Activity Worksheets? Three churches were founded in her honour in or near Constaninople by the Empress Pulcheria in the course of the essay fifth century, while at Rome the creative writing worksheets Church of Santa Maria Antiqua and Santa Maria in Trastevere are certainly older than the save essay year 500.

Not less remarkable is the writing activity worksheets ever increasing prominence given to the Blessed Virgin during the fourth and fifth centuries in Christian art. In the paintings of the save pakistan essay catacombs, in creative writing worksheets, the sculptures of sarchophagi, in the mosaics, and in such minor objects as the oil flasks of Monsa, the figure of Mary recurs more and more frequently, while the veneration with which she is persuasive regarded is indicated in various indirect ways, for example by the large nimbus, such as may be seen in the pictures of the Crucifixion in the Rabulas manuscript of A.D. 586 (reproduced in THE CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA, VIII, 773). As early as 540 we find a mosaic in which she sits enthroned as Queen of Heaven in the centre of the apex of the cathedral of Parenzo in Austria, which was constructed at that date by Bishop Euphrasius. The Early Middle Ages. With the Merovingian and Carlovingian developments of Christianity in the west came the more authoritative acceptance of Marian devotion as an integral part of the creative activity worksheets Church's life. It is difficult to give precise dates for the introduction of the various festivals, but it has already been pointed out in the article CALENDAR that the celebration of the Assumption, Annunciation, Nativity and Purification of Our Lady may certainly be traced to this period. Three of these feasts appear in lang coursework, the Calendar of St. Willibrord of the end of the seventh century, the Assumption being assigned both to 18 January, after the practice of the Gallican Church, and to August (which approximates to the present Roman date), while the writing activity worksheets absence of the Annunciation is probably due only to accident. Again we may quite confidently affirm that the position of the Blessed Virgin in the liturgical formula of the Church was by this time securely established. Even if we ignore the Canon of the Roman Mass which had taken very much the form it now retains before the raffi author close of the sixth century, the praefatio for creative worksheets, the January festival of the Assumption in the Gallican Rite, as well as other prayers which may safely be assigned to pakistan no later date than the seventh century, give proof of a fervent cultus of the Blessed Virgin.

In poetic language Mary is declared not only marvellous by the pledge which she conceived through faith but glorious in the translation by which she departed (P. L., LXII, 244-46), the belief in writing activity worksheets, her Assumption being clearly and repeatedly taken for multi paragraph essay, granted, as it had been a century earlier by Gregory of Tours. She is creative writing activity also described in the liturgy as the beautiful chamber from which the worthy spouse comes forth, the light of the gentiles, the hope of the paper faithful, the spoiler of the demons, the confusion of the Jews, the vessel of life, the tabernacle of glory, the heavenly temple, whose merits, tender maiden as she was, are the more clearly displayed when they are set in contrast with the example of ancient Eve (ib., 245). At the same period numberless churches were erected under Mary's dedication, and many of these were among the most important in Christendom. The cathedrals of Reims, Chartres, Rouen, Amiens, Nmes, Evreux, Paris, Bayeux, Seez, Toulon etc., though built at different dates, were all consecrated in her honour. It is true that the origin of many of these French shrines of Our Lady is impenetrably shrouded in the mists of legends. For example, no one now seriously believes that St. Trophimus at Arles dedicated a chapel to the Blessed Virgin while she was still living, but there is conclusive evidence that some of activity worksheets, these places of pilgrimage were venerated at a very early date. A Level? We learn from writing, Gregory of Tours (Hist. Fr., IX, 42) that St. Yessayan? Rhadegund had built a church in her honour at Poitiers, and activity he speaks of others at Lyons, Toulouse, and Tours.

We also possess the dedication tablet of a church erected by Bishop Frodomund in 677 in honore almae Mariae, Genetricis Domini, and as the day named is the middle of the month of August (mense Augusto medio), there can be little doubt that the consecration took place upon essay, the festival of the Assumption, which was at that time beginning to supplant the creative writing worksheets January feast. In Germany the shrines of Alttting and Lorch profess to be able to trace their origin as places of pilgrimage to remote antiquity and though it would be rash to pronounce too confidently, we may probably feel safei in raffi yessayan author, assigning them at least to the Carlovingian period. In England and Ireland the activity worksheets evidence that from the earliest period Christianity was strongly leavened with devotion to Mary is very great. Bede tells us of the church consecrated to the honour of Our Lady at Canterbury by St. Save Pakistan Essay? Mellitus, the creative writing worksheets immediate successor of Augustine; we also learn from the same source of many other Mary churches, e.g. Weremouth and paragraph persuasive Hexham (this last dedication being due to writing activity the miraculous cure of St. Wilfrid after invoking the Mother of God), and Lastingham near Whitby, while St. Aldhelm, before the multi paragraph essay persuasive end of the same seventh century, informs us how the Princess Bugga, daughter of creative writing activity worksheets, King Edwin, had a church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin on the feast of her Nativity: Istam nempe diem, qua templi festa coruscant, Nativitate sua sacravit Virgo Maria. And Our Lady's altar stood in the apse: Absidem consecrat Virginis ara. Probably the earliest vernacular poetry in the West to paragraph persuasive celebrate the praise of Mary was the Anglo-Saxon; for Cynewulf, slightly before the time of Alcuin and of Charlemagne, composed most glowing verses on this theme; for example to quote Gollancz's translation of the Christ (ii, 214-80):

Hail, thou glory of this middle-world! The purest woman throughout all the earth. Of those that were from immemorial time How rightly art thou named by all endowed With gifts of speech! All mortals throughout earth Declare full blithe of heart that thou art bride Of Him that ruleth the empyral sphere. To speak in detail of all that we find in the writings of Aldhelm, Bede, and creative writing Alcuin would be impossible; but it is well to note the lit and lang coursework testimony of an Anglican writer with regard to the whole period before the creative writing worksheets Norman Conquest. The Saint, he says, most persistent!y and paragraph frequently invoked, and to whom the most passionate epithets were applied, trenching upon the Divine prerogatives, was the Blessed Virgin.

Mariolatry is no very modern development of Romanism; and he instances from a tenth-century English manuscript now at Salisbury, such invocations as Sancta Redemptrix Mundi, Sancta Salvatrix Mundi, ora pro nobis; The same writer after referring to creative writing activity prayers and practices of raffi author, devotion known in Anglo-Saxon times, for example the special Mass already assigned tothe Blessed Virgin on Saturdays in the Leofric Missal, comments upon the strange delusion, as he regards it, of many Anglicans, who can look upon a Church which tolerated such abuses as primitive and orthodox. Not less remarkable are the developments of devotion to writing activity the Mother of paragraph essay, God in Ireland. The calendar of Aengus at the beginning of the ninth century is very remarkable for worksheets, the ardour of the language used whenever the Blessed Virgin's name is introduced, while Christ is continually referred to as Jesus Mac Mary (i. e. Multi Essay? Son of Mary). Creative Activity? There is also besides certain Latin hymns, a very striking Irish litany in honour of the Blessed Virgin, which as regards the picturesqueness of the epithets applied to her, yields in nothing to the present Litany of Loreto. Mary is there called Mistress of the raffi yessayan Heavens, Mother of the Heavenly and earthly Church, Recreation of Life, Mistress of the Tribes, Mother of the Orphans, Breast of the Infants, Queen of writing activity worksheets, Life, Ladder of Heaven. This composition may be as old as the middle of the save essay eighth century. The Later Middle Ages. It was characteristic of creative activity worksheets, this period, which for our present purpose may be regarded as beginning with the year 1000, that the deep feeling of research on water, love and activity confidence in the Blessed Virgin, which hitherto had expressed itself vaguely and in accordance with the yessayan promptings of the writing piety of individuals, began to take organized shape in a vast multitude of devotional practices. Long before this date a Lady altar was probably to be found in all the more important churches—St.

Aldhelm's poem on paper on water the altars takes us back to before the creative writing worksheets year 70 and many records testify that at such altars paintings, mosaics, and ultimately sculptures reproduced the figure of the Blessed Virgin to delight the eyes of her clients. The famous seated figure of the Madonna with the Divine Infant at Ely dated from before 1016. The statue of the Blessed Virgin at english lit and, Coventry, round the neck of which Lady Godiva's rosary was hung, belongs to the same period. Even in Aldhelm's day Our Lady was besought to hearken to the prayers of those who bent the knee before her shrine. Audi clementer populorum vota precantum Qui . . . genibus tundunt curvato poplite terram. It was especially for such salutations that the Ave Maria, which probably first became familiar as an antiphon used in the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin, won popular favour with all classes.

Accompanying it each time with a genuflection, such as tradition averred that the Angel Gabriel himself had made, Mary's clients repeated this formula before her images again and creative writing worksheets again. As it was destitute at first of its concluding petition, the Ave was felt to be a true form of salutation, and in the course of the twelfth century came into universal use. To the same epoch belongs the wide popularity of the Salve Regina, which also seems to have come into existence in the eleventh century. Multi Paragraph? Though it originally began with the words Salve Regina Misericordia without the Mater, we cannot doubt that something of the vogue of the creative writing worksheets anthem was due to the immense diffusion of the collections of Mary-stories (Marien-legenden) which multiplied exceedingly at multi persuasive, this time (twelfth to fourteenth century), and in which the Mater Misericordia motif was continually recurrent. Creative Writing Worksheets? These collections of stories must have produced a notable effect in popularising a number of other practices of devotion besides repetitions of the Ave and the use of the Salve Regina, for example the repetition of five salutations beginning Gaude Maria Virgo, the recitation of five psalms, the initials of which make up the word Maria, the dedication of the Saturday by special practices to the Blessed Virgin, the essay use of assigned prayers, such as the activity sequence Missus Gabriel, the O Intemerata, the hymn Ave Maris Stella, etc., and the celebration of particular feasts, such as the Conception of the Blessed Virgin and her Nativity. The five Gaudes just mentioned originally commemorated Our Lady's five joys and to match those joys spiritual writers at examples in education, first commemorated five corresponding sorrows. It was not until late in the fourteenth century that seven sorrows or dolours began to be spoken of, and even then only by exception.

In all these matters the first impulse seems to have come very largely from the monasteries, in creative writing activity worksheets, which the on water Mary-stories were for the most part composed and copied. It was in the monasteries undoubtedly that the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin (see PRIMER) began to writing worksheets be recited as a devotional accretion to multi essay the Divine Office, and that the Salve Regina and other anthems of Our Lady were added to Compline and other hours. Amongst other orders the Cistercians, particularly in the twelfth century, exercised an immense influence in the development of creative activity, Marian devotion. They claimed a very special connection with the Blessed Virgin, whom they were taught to regard as always presiding unseen at the recitation of Office. To her they dedicated their churches, and they were particular in saying her hours, giving her special prominence in the Confiteor and frequently repeating the Salve Regina. This example of a special consecration to Mary was followed by other later orders, notably by the Dominicans, the Carmelites, and the Servites. 3? Indeed, almost every such institution from this time forward adopted some one or other special practice of activity worksheets, devotion to mark its particular allegiance to the Mother of God. Shrines naturally multiplied, and although some, as already noted, are in their origin of later date than the eleventh century, it was at this period that such famous places of pilgrimage arose as Roc Amadour, Laon, Mariabrunn near Klosterneuburg, Einsiedeln etc., and in english lang coursework, England, Walsingham, Our Lady Undercroft at Canterbury, Evesham, and many more. These shrines, which as time went on multiplied beyond calculation in every part of creative, Europe, nearly always owed their celebrity to the temporal and spiritual favours which it was believed the Blessed Virgin granted to those who invoked her in these favoured spots. The gratitude of pilgrims often enriched them with the most costly gifts; crowns of research paper, gold and creative activity worksheets precious gems, embroidered garments, and rich hangings meet us at every turn in the record of such sanctuaries. We might mention, to take a single example, that of Halle, in raffi yessayan, Belgium, which was exceptionally rich in such treasures.

Perhaps the commonest form of votive offerings took the shape of a gold or silver model of the person or limb that had been cured. Creative Writing Worksheets? For example Duke Philip of Burgundy sent to Halle two silver statues, one representing a knight on horseback, the other a foot-soldier in gratitude for examples in education, the cure of two of his own bodyguard. Often again the special vogue of a particular shrine was due to some miraculous manifestation which was believed to have occurred there. Blood was said to have flowed from certain statues and pictures of Our Lady which had suffered outrage. Others had wept or exuded moisture. In other cases, the head had bowed or the hand been raised in benediction. Without denying the possibility of such occurrences, it can hardly be doubted that in many instances the historical evidence for worksheets, these wonders was unsatisfactory. That popular devotion to the Blessed Virgin was often attended with extravagance and abuse, it is impossible to deny.

Nevertheless we may believe that the simple faith and devotion of the people was often rewarded in proportion to their honest intention of paying respect to the Mother of God. And there is no reason to believe that these forms of piety had on the whole a delusive effect, and fostered nothing but superstition. Of Research Proposals? The purity, pity, and motherliness of Mary were always the dominant motive, even the activity worksheets Miracle of Max Reinhardt, the wordless play which in save, 1912 took London by creative writing, storm, persuaded many how much of write, true religious feeling must have underlain even the more extravagant conceptions of the Middle Ages. The most renowned English shrines of Our Lady, that of Walsingham in Norfolk, was in a sense an anticipation of the still more famous Loreto. Walsingham professed to creative activity preserve, not indeed the Holy House itself, but a model of its construction upon measurements brought from Nazareth in the eleventh century. The dimensions of the Walsingham Santa Casa were noted by William of Worcester, and they do not agree with those of Loreto. Walsingham measured 23 ft. 6 in. by 12 ft. 10 in.; Loreto, 31 ft.3 in. by 13 ft.

4 in. In any case the homage paid to Our Lady during the later Middle Ages was universal. Even so unorthodox a writer as John Wyclif, in one of his earlier sermons, says: It seems to me impossible that we should obtain the raffi yessayan author reward of Heaven without the help of creative writing, Mary. Pakistan Essay? There is no sex or age, no rank or position, of anyone in the whole human race, which has no need to call for the help of the Holy Virgin. So again the intense feeling evoked from the twelfth to the sixteenth century over the doctrine of the writing activity worksheets Immaculate Conception is only an additional tribute to the importance which the whole subject of Mariology possessed in the eyes of the most learned bodies of Christendom. To give even a brief sketch of the various practices of examples of research proposals in education, Marian devotion in the Middle Ages would be impossible here.

Most of them—for example the Rosary, the Angelus, the Salve Regina etc. and the more important festivals—are discussed under separate headings. It will be sufficient to note the prevalence of the wearing of beads of all possible fashions and lengths, some of fifteen decades, some of ten, some of six, five, three, or one, as an article of ornament in every attire; the mere repetition of Hail Marys to be counted by the aid of such Pater Nosters, or beads, was common in the twelfth century, before the time of worksheets, St. Dominic; the motive of meditating on dissertation chapter assigned mysteries did not come into use until 300 years later. Further, we must note the almost universal custom of leaving legacies to creative writing activity have a Mary-Mass, or Mass of Our Lady, celebrated daily at a particular altar, as well as to maintain lights to paragraph essay persuasive burn continually before a particular statue or shrine. Still more interesting were the foundations left by will to have the Salve Regina or other anthems of Our Lady sung after Compline at the Lady altar, while lights were burned before her statue.

The salut common to creative writing worksheets France in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries formed only after development of this practice, and from these last we have almost certainly derived our comparatively modern devotion of Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Only a few isolated points can be touched upon in the development of Marian devotion since the Reformation. Paper? Foremost among these may be noticed the general introduction of the Litany of Loreto, which though, as we have seen, it had precursors in other lands as remote as Ireland in the ninth century, not to speak of isolated forms in the later Middle Ages, itself only came into common use towards the close of the sixteenth century. The same may also be said of any general adoption of the second part of the Hail Mary. Another manifestation of great importance, which also like the last followed close after the Council of Trent, was the institution of sodalities of the Blessed Virgin, particularly in houses of education, a movement mainly promoted by the influence and example of the Society of Jesus, whose members did so much, by the consecration of studies and other similar devices, to creative place the work of education under the patronage of Mary, the Queen of Purity. Raffi Yessayan Author? To this period is also due, with some occasional exceptions, the multiplication in the calendar of minor feasts of the Blessed Virgin, such as that of the Holy Name of Mary, the festum B.V.M. ad Nives, de Mercede, of the Rosary, de Bono Consilio, Auxilium Christianorum, and so on. Still later in creative, date (seventeenth century at earliest) is the adoption of the custom of consecrating the month of May to the Blessed Virgin by special observances, though the write dissertation chapter practice of reciting the Rosary every day during the month of October can hardly be said to be older than the Rosary Encyclicals of writing worksheets, Leo XIII. Not much controversy was maintained regarding the Immaculate Conception after the indirect pronouncement of the Council of Trent, but the dogma was only defined by Pius IX in 1854. Undoubtedly, however, the greatest stimulus to Marian devotion in recent times has been afforded by the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin in raffi yessayan, 1858 at Lourdes, and in the numberless supernatural favours granted to pilgrims, both there and at other shrines, that derive from it. Worksheets? The miraculous medal connected with the church of Notre-Dame des Victoires at raffi, Paris also deserves mention, as giving a great stimulus to this form of piety in the first half of the nineteenth century.

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